Achy joints can be very uncomfortable not to mention the pains which can get unbearable. Managing these pains is the best way to relieve and also to improve the health of the joints. Joint pains result from a number of factors like injury, infection, trauma or even arthritis. Your joints are very important as they offer support to your body weight, allow for any movements and connect your bones. The aching can be debilitating to the point of hindering any movement. Here are some ways through which you can help relieve achy joints:

1. Do some ice therapy for your joints

Most joint pains are as a result of inflammation in the joints. To relieve the pains, these inflammations should be eased at first. Apply some ice around the affected joints. Put a towel on the ice to avoid getting burns on the skin. The cold from the ice will help reduce the blood flow to the affected joints, and in turn reduce inflammation and relieve the pain. You can always apply the ice whenever you experience the aching for 20 minutes each day.

2. Get a soothing massage

Are you experiencing aching around the back or knees? If yes, then massaging is a great means to get them relieved. Massaging can be done at home or you can resort to get a treat from a therapist. When doing the massage at home, ensure the skin around the affected area is moisturized to avoid causing injury. Apply some menthol on the affected part which not only moisturizes the skin, but is also one of the joint pain products that you can easily find in your local drug store. When doing the massage, the stroking should be done in the directions of the heart.

3. Workout

Workouts are a simple yet effective ways to get relief from joint pains. Workouts for joint pains are usually gentle on the joints as they are very delicate. Any stress can get the situation to become worse. For the very first time, a trainer should take you through some exercises designed for the joint pains. Some include stretching, taking walks, yoga and water biking among other less impact workouts. The workouts serve to get the joints flexible, strong and healthy. This helps to reduce the pains while giving you some relief. These workouts also help in weight loss, keeping the stress on joints low which could otherwise aggravate the situation. Working out keeps your body fit and healthy, alleviating any kind of ailments which could pose a greater risk of chronic joint pains.

4. Water therapy

Lukewarm water is used to reduce the stress and the pain in the joints. You can use plain warm water or add some salt to boost its efficiency. Whenever you feel the joint pains, you can always get them relieved by immersing the affected areas in warm water. The warm water encourages blood flow within the affected areas relieving the pains. Warm water works well by taking away the pains around the knees and the back. Take a refreshing warm shower for a soothing result, which also helps in relaxing both your body and the joints.

5. Herbs

Some herbs do it well to relieve the aching around the joints. Most of them are coupled with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds which help ease the swelling around the joints. Some herbs include tea and turmeric among many others. It is advisable to seek your doctor’s consent before you start using herbs counter joint pain. Some herbs can cause allergies or negative reactions with prescribed drugs. Herbs, if used properly can be the best remedy for joint pains around any part of your body.

6. Prescribed Medication

Some medicines serve as painkillers helping ease the pains around the joints. For instance, Ibuprofen is a commonly used painkiller serves as one of the most effective joint pain treatments for psoriatic arthritis patients. Abusing them can make them not to work well for joint pain relief in the future. You can get most of the pain relieving medications over the counter or from your doctor. Apart from the medications, take some healthy foods for joint pains relieve. Some healthy foods include kales, spinach, lean proteins, whole grains and fruits. Other healthy foods for joint pains include omega-3 fatty acids rich foods like mackerel and salmon.


With the above ways, you can easily help yourself get some relief with the aching joints. Though at some point the pains can worsen, this should call for an immediate medical help. You should also embrace efforts to avoid further joint pains in the future by living a healthy lifestyle. This entails protecting your joints by get enough sleep, avoid unhealthy habits and always including a healthy diet for healthy joints. Your workouts should not further the stress on your joints; they should be done in moderation with the help of a trainer.


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