Business directory is a gathering of all information relevant to business. It is a comprehensive business guide which provides information of all business owners, manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, importers etc. to whom you want to contact for business purpose.
Business directory is such an important tool to expand business not only locally but worldwide also. Find following ways useful to promote business online so that you will easily get more business opportunities.
1. Article submission:
Promoting your business directory by submitting articles is a common method adopted by businessman. They used to write articles or get them written by freelance writers and submit them to various top PR article submission sites. Straightforward articles on business trade and transactions will gain attention of opportunists and there will be definite increase in performance of business. Numerous business opportunities will come to your online business directory after reading qualified articles.
2. Press release:
Online press release will help you to make publicity of b2b portal. Press release is a most prominent way to increase awareness among all people through online business directory. While submitting press release it should be noted that, category should be chosen carefully. Many businesses can post their websites, products and services to promote b2b portal in right manner. Press release helps you to get more business opportunities through b2b trade offers.
3. Online advertising
Online business bulletin boards are present on internet which provides services to advertise your business portal. The message you want to pass should contain a link to your business portal so that you can have worldwide promotion. B2B portal adds information of customers, buy leads and sell leads etc. on business directory.
4. Find local business:
In order to promote your business directory you need to find out first the local business having B2B portals. You can tell them benefits of connecting with business directory and when they are convinced ask them to submit their websites on your business directory. Not only B2B marketplaces but their clients are also benefitted.
5. Classified ads on internet:
Free classified ads on internet are rigorous sources of promoting your business given that post ads into business category carefully. You can submit ads online to attract more business owners, manufacturers, suppliers, importers and exporters towards your business directory. Ads are viewed by any kind of person, thus you can have access to all types of business deals.
6. Social networking sites:
Internet has opened new sources for marketing your products and services. Whatever may be the type of business, you should join social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, etc. By adding you profile on to these sites and sharing related information will enable to reach hundreds-thousands of people online. This will lead to get online business enquiries, put buying offers, selling offers and get access to international business deals.
Business directory though being comprehensive collection of all business information, it needs to be promoted to avail benefits from it. Truly, internet has blessed online businesses by putting various options for their worldwide promotion.

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