A timely submission of dissertation is the best thing you can ever think while doing for the doctoral degree. It is very difficult to be consistent and persistent while carrying on the dissertation writing. It normally takes a few months or even a year to write and conduct research article. In this article, we will see how can we adopt the best 6 ways to get our dissertation work completed in time.

Get your Proposal Accepted:

Before actually start working on the dissertation, you need to make a proposal of the dissertation and get it accepted so that you can have a roadmap to work on. Dissertation proposal includes the brief idea of what will be the topic? How will you approach the topic? What will be your research problem? What will be your possible outcome? What methodologies are you going to use for the dissertation project? Getting your proposal accepted is the stepping stone for you to actual start working on the research article.

Don’t Go for Strange Topics:

If you really want to do your dissertation writing in time, don’t go any strange topics. What we mean here by strange topics is that the topic you will choose for your dissertation must not be entirely new to you. You should have basic prior information related the topic. For instance, if you have been a student of marketing and you select a topic of botany for your dissertation, it is going to consume a lot of time and energy. In addition, you wouldn’t be sure if you will be able to come up with some good outcomes or not. That’s why it is recommended to select a topic which shouldn’t be unique and so strange as you would find really difficult to collect information and it would require extensive research requiring a lot of time and energy. If you want to have a list of good topics, see the link Best dissertation writing services.

Make a Table of Contents:

Making a table of contents in the start will give you a profound idea of what you are going to do with this dissertation. It will allow you to figure out which chapters should be included in it along with the sub-headings. You should know that how much time each chapter will require from you. When estimating the time period, make sure you are realistic in your approach and give yourself enough time that you can achieve without making huge efforts.

Start Writing Early:

If you really want to finish your thesis in time, then you need to start in time as well. Jump into the dissertation process as early as you can. This will allow you more time to understand the topic and getting concrete outcomes out of it. We would recommend you not to procrastinate dissertation writing at any cost as it may seem to be an adventurous idea but can cost you a great deal.

Write in Chunks:

This is a very vital point in getting your work in timely basis. Don’t try to work consistently for consecutive hours in a day. This will drain your energy and you won’t be able to write and think well. Rather than that, try to write in chunks and take frequent breaks in between the sessions on constant basis. You can either reward yourself by assigning things that you like for yourself which can be a pizza, burger etc.

Note Down References:

It has been observed that many students almost complete the whole dissertation but get stuck at the last point where they need to provide references and citations. Whether they are in-text citations or end-text citations, you need to make notes of references that you need to provide at the end of the dissertation.


We can conclude from the above arguments that in order to submit your dissertation in time, you need to start early, be consistent, be flexible and note down all the important information that you need to write in the dissertation at any point.

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