For small business owners just starting out, it could be hard-driving traffic to your website or eCommerce store. Traffic is one of the hardest parts of online business. At the same time, if you’re skilled enough in content marketing, driving traffic is an art.

In fact, the more you learn internet marketing, the easier it becomes to drive engaged traffic to your website.

If you’re just starting out with online marketing, looking for ways to drive traffic to your website, here is a list of time-tested traffic tactics you can start executing today.

1. Have a clean website

The first step towards driving engaged traffic to your website is to keep a clean and user-friendly website. Your website needs to be optimized for speed and performance.

The longer it takes for your webpages to load, the more you’re likely to lose that visitor. And the consequence is that you’re bound to lose sales as a result of a slow web page.

So, you need to make sure your live web pages load faster on all devices – mobile and desktop. If you’re on WordPress, there are lots of speed and optimization plugins you can use to speed up your web pages. Or you can host your website with one of the managed WordPress hosting solutions.

Most managed WordPress hosting providers have an in-built cache system. This helps in improving the speed and performance of your website.

2. Publish Frequently

Publishing frequently is not a direct strategy for increasing website traffic. The idea is that the more you publish content on your blog, the more you’re writing on different levels of industry keywords.

By putting more content out there, you’re increasing your chances to get ranked for more search terms and meet your audience at the different stages of the buying circle.

A website that stops indefinitely publishing content or getting links might soon fall out of Google favor. So, publish high-quality content regularly.

3. Target relevant Longtail Keywords

If you’re going to show up in the search engines, consider targeting long-tail keywords. Keywords with three to four words combination. One or two seed keywords are very hard to optimize for, especially if you’re a small business owner with a limited marketing budget.

There are several keywords tools you can use today to find a long-tail variation of your seed keyword. My favorites are SEMrush and

There are other keyword tools like the Google keyword planner, ubersuggest, AnswerThePublic, etc. Try any of these tools to find long-tail keywords.

4. Craft Better Headlines

The first element from your copy that a visitor will see is your content headline.

If the content headline fails to entice the visitor to read more, the body content does not exist. The headline must trigger the reader's curiosity and make him wanted to find out more about the content.

You can use the CoSchedule headline analyzer to write a better headline for your next blog content.

5. Optimize Your Website for Organic Traffic - Build Links

Without search engine traffic, most websites won’t make much from their website. This is a fact. Search engine traffic is the one high-quality website traffic sources.

You need to build more high-quality relevant links if you want to increase your website search visibility. Two things define your website success, the quality of content, and how relevant the traffic is?

Work to better yourself in these two areas, and you’re on your way to build a successful blog.

6. Guest Post on High Traffic Relevant Blog

Guest blogging as a way to drive more relevant visitors is not going to be a quick fix to your low traffic websites. It helps increase awareness, grow your blogger's circle, and network with other bloggers in the industry.

If you do guest blogging the right way, it will open the door to other blogging and business opportunities. Your content needs to be published on relevant high-traffic blogs. This will help you achieve your goal and drive more relevant traffic to your website.

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Shamsudeen is a seasonal affiliate marketer, blogger, and author. My work has been featured in several online top publications such as Search Engine Land, Ninja Outreach, DailyBlogTips, and more. connect with me via CyberNaira - Blogging Tips to Help You Make Money