Positive change is never easy. It takes a lot of power to overcome complacency. It takes even more power to fight back against the tendency of the world around us to decay and fall apart.

You need energy to overcome these two big forces working against you. But don’t reach for coffee or sugar to pick you up. You’ll only be undermining your vitality over the long run. Instead look for a natural energy booster like the herb, eleuthero.

Ancient healers call eleuthero the “Root of Life”. Modern scientists continue to be amazed by it. And in a moment you’ll understand why anyone who wants to transform their life for the better, would consider eleuthero their best friend.

#1 Charge Your Energy Reserves With Eleuthero

If you depend on coffee, listen to this . . . eleuthero lifts you up when you’re feeling sluggish. But unlike caffeine, it’s not a stimulant. It works in a systematic way to help you access energy, use energy more efficiently and build your energy reserves for the long term. Eleuthero seems to help your body increase how much oxygen and nutrients get to your cells, fueling them up for optimal activity. And as a result, you feel revitalized!Instead of the jitters, headaches and roller-coaster ride caffeine gives you, you get clean, steady healthy energy.

#2 Lengthen Your Endurance With Eleuthero

Many of the challenges we face aren’t quick fixes. They require commitment and endurance over the long haul. Well, eleuthero has a long track record in this as well. Research from as far back as the 1960’s on endurance athletes – cyclists and marathoners – showed eleuthero helps increase speed for long races as well as endurance.

- After 12 days of using eleuthero, cyclists experienced longer endurance, faster reflexes, better sleep patterns and quicker recovery times than cyclists who didn’t take eleuthero! And 6 out of 10 of the eleuthero athletes won first place in their respective races!

- 30 Olympic sprinters, high jumpers, decathalon contestants, 5 and 10 kilometer runners and marathoners took 2 ml of eleuthero 30 minutes before sleep and 4 ml one hour before training. All the athletes saw an increase in endurance and wanted to continue taking the extract.[1]

But this doesn’t just apply to professional athletes. Studies involving truckers, factory workers, telegraph operators, proofreaders, soldiers, astronauts, sailors and explorers have all demonstrated eleuthero’s stamina-building prowess. In every case, it helped people perform at their best when they need to work hard for long stretches of time.

#3 Have A Calm, Cool Head When The Pressure’s On

It’s one thing to commit to doing things better. It’s another thing to keep that commitment when the going gets rough. How many times have you told yourself you’re not going to yell the next time you get frustrated . . . or dive into a bag of cookies when you get a little stressed.

Eleuthero is the perfect ally for fighting back against this universal tendency to give into emotions when we’re under pressure. As Eleuthero user, Marisela says, it gave her a calm head when she needed it. “I can definitely attest it helps with stress. My boyfriend and I live together and there was a time when he was laid off from work and unemployed for some time. Financial worries are the worst. But I know because of Sun Eleuthero I did okay. It gives me energy and a sense of calm.”

Eleuthero helps your calm head prevail so you can effectively navigate even the roughest seas.

#4 Strengthen Your Defenses

Can’t afford to miss work? Have you set goals for yourself with tight deadlines you can’t fall behind on? Eleuthero will help you keep your schedule without a hitch.

Long-term stress can mess with your immune system, dragging down its effectiveness. Eleuthero helps your body respond to stress with less wear and tear. And specifically, it’s been shown to provide sturdy support for your immune health in multiple ways.[2] [3]

Studies have shown eleuthero can:

- Help your body keep a good number of immune cells active.
- Foster better immune system communication; and finally,
- Help your immune system stay balanced.

#5 Sharpen Up Your Memory

Usually when you’re changing something in your life, you need to learn new skills and knowledge. And when it comes to learning, nothing is as essential as a good memory.
However, there’s a twist here . . .

Making a change can also be stressful, no matter how much you want to make it. And ironically enough, when we’re stressed, our memory often gives out. Research has shown stress actually shrinks the part of the brain responsible for memory, the hippocampus.

Here’s where eleuthero helps out. Eleuthero combats stress. But even more specifically, it helps your brain stay sharp. No less than 35 studies demonstrate eleuthero seems to increase brain power and performance on tests and at work – even when you’re under pressure. [4]

#6 Go To Sleep With An Eleuthero Lullaby

It doesn’t matter how many good things eleuthero does for you, if you don’t get enough of the best medicine ever – sleep – you’re undermining your aspirations.

Sleep counters the damaging effects of stress, builds your brain power, keeps your immune system strong and – of course – is the best way to re-energize!

However, when we’re embarking on a new endeavor, it’s often hard to relax and snooze. Racing thoughts fueled by your excitement can crowd out sleep. Anxiety can make us toss and turn.

But even when it comes to reaching dreamland, eleuthero helps. Like it helps your body rebalance after stress, eleuthero may help your body regulate its circadian rhythm so you can develop a healthy sleeping pattern. When you get regular, good sleep, your body gets restored like nothing else.

A Powerful Ally For Healthy Change

Eleuthero won’t shrink down the challenges in your life.
But it can make you into a stronger, faster, calmer and more effective person so you can triumph no matter what you’re up against. Eleuthero has been used by Olympic athletes and factory workers, astronauts and proofreaders with amazing results. It strengthens your body systemically, building your energy reserves and helping your body to work more efficiently.

So go ahead . . . Make plans and set goals. But don’t go after them with an empty fuel tank. Eleuthero can give you the energy and mental fortitude to succeed. With eleuthero’s help you can become the champion of positive change you’ve always wanted to be.


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Author's Bio: 

Dr. Michael E. Rosenbaum is a 35-year veteran and widely recognized pioneer in the field of nutritional medicine, alternative healthcare and medical acupuncture. As one of America's most respected experts in natural health and healing, Dr. Rosenbaum has been a frequent lecturer to professional medical groups and has participated in numerous television and radio talk shows. He is also an esteemed member of the Sun Chlorella Advisory Board, which helps guide the medical innovation behind Sun Chlorella products.

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