Have you ever thought on how you can generate free traffic? Do you know that you have more than two ways on how to keep people on your website? You should always be in contact with your customers or those people who are visiting your website.

Six Ways of Generating Free Traffic

1.) Blogs

A blog arranges posts in a chronological order. The most recent articles will be at the top followed by other posts. This makes a blog to be so different from a website. The most recent posts will be on top while the oldest posts at the bottom. You should submit your articles to be published on blogs (guest blogging). RSS which stands for Really Simple Syndication is how your content that is published on blogs will be distributed. When your content is distributed, surfers will come across your content and they'll be directed to your website.

2.) E-Zine

E-zine is another excellent way of generating free website traffic. So, what is an e-zine? It is just an emailed newsletter. It is an online magazine that is only sent to people who have subscribed to an e-zine. Create an e-zine on your website and let people subscribe to it. This is to ensure that surfers don't forget your website after leaving it since you'll keep in touch with them.

Are you intending to sell a service on your website? If so, you should create an e-zine on your website. Why? No person will hire a service provider on the first contact or second. It only happens after several repeated contacts.

3.) Articles

Articles do generate free traffic. Article marketing is the strategic writing of words in a clear, precise and informative way. Article marketing will never be outdated. They'll always remain relevant. The reason for this is that the internet is never satisfied with content no matter how much we feed it. The other reason is that people are always searching for informative information on the internet.

If your website is making enough money or you're too busy, you can hire ghost-writers to write articles for you. Submit these articles to article directories, articles announcement lists and to e-zine publishers.

By doing this, you'll be in contact with those people who usually visit your website. People will know your website and they'll visit it for the first time. You should submit your articles to article directories that are receiving many people on each day.

4.) Forums

You can direct free website traffic to your website using forums. Forums are online platforms where people meet and discuss various topics. Use forums as a means of being in contact with people so that they visit your website. Leave the link of your website so that it directs forum users to your website.

5.) Content 2.0

Content 2.0 is another powerful way that you can use to direct free traffic to your website. So, what is this content 2.0? It is a build form on a website that lets other people to add information on your website. They contribute their views regarding a particular topic of the article you have published on your website.

Content 2.0 is only available to those people (SBIers) who use SBI (site build it!) in building their websites. The good thing regarding content 2.0 is that the website owner is in full control of it. The website owner can delete poor quality posts.

6.) Twitter

Twitter is a social networking site and it is another popular way of generating free traffic. Tweet your website's content to get free traffic to your website.

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