The growth of an organization depends a lot on its Human Resource department. This department is held responsible for acquiring and managing resources. You will see HR managers performing a wide range of operations such as interviewing candidates, issuing appointment letters, talent management and retention, payroll and many more. These are the activities which can be streamlined with the help of technology.

To achieve sustainable growth in an organization, you must adopt technology tools to increase productivity and ensure positive development. This article talks about six different ways through which technology can help an organization achieve desired results.


Talent acquisition is a crucial area that must be intelligently monitored by an organization. HR managers no longer recruit candidates by manually screening resumes. There are lots of recruitment analytics solutions which are designed to speed up the recruitment process. Organizations must include a resume parser software which is an excellent method of extracting candidate data from resumes and saving the information in pre-designed fields. A resume parser not only eliminates manual intervention but also accelerates the entire recruitment process with a few clicks. Thus, a recruiter does not have to spend unnecessary time on sorting out numerous resumes to shortlist the relevant candidates. The right fit for the right job can be found with the help of these technology tools.

Candidate Sourcing

Organizations need innovation to achieve new milestones. This can be done if there is quality talent working in the company. HR managers need the right direction when it comes to streamlining the candidate selection process. But as recruiters had to go through a long and tedious hiring process, they needed an immediate change. An easy solution is using tools to screen candidates and conduct live interviews. These resources can be used to save money, time and manual efforts.

Performance Overview

Measuring the performance of employees is as crucial as hiring employees. That is why management adopts performance evaluation to keep a check on the performance of employees. Companies spend money and time on conducting employee performance reviews. However, with the adoption of performance review software, the entire process can be simplified.

Learning Tools

Learning is an on-going process. To maximize productivity, acquiring new skills is very important. You can make use of learning platforms which allow you to track and share your learning. An advantage of using such software is that a company can keep a record of training their employees have undergone. Their progress can be tracked and they can be judged based on their newly acquired skills.

Appreciation and Social Recognition

Recognizing the efforts of employees works as the biggest motivation for them. It is a fact that organizations which applaud efforts of employees regularly get more quality results. Also, they are more likely to retain employees. With better job satisfaction, your workforce will deliver better performance.


Product quality can only be improved if regular feedback is taken from customers. Similarly, giving feedback to employees will promote better performance. There are many tools available such as Hyphen, Officevibe, Culture IQ etc which help in improving mechanism for feedback. This also promotes employee engagement. The more you engage your employees, the better will be the results. Thus, providing timely feedback is crucial for achieving success.

Time has come when you need to keep on acquiring new skills to stay ahead of your competition. Thus, the HR department needs to ensure that all policies are properly followed by the organization. Also, making use of technology in day-to-day operations is the responsibility of the HR manager. HR technology has numerous benefits which must be availed to increase the growth and productivity of your business.

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Lovepreet Dhaliwal works with Rchilli Inc, a leading resume parsing software provider which helps in speeding up your recruitment process. An MBA in HR and marketing, he has over six years of work experience in business development and strategic sales.