Facials are best to rejuvenate your skin and get a younger and youthful look. While it might be a great idea to detoxify your skin, a few things should be kept mind before going for a facial treatment. After all, you can’t afford to end up risking your skin and money. 

Below are a few important tips to follow before booking an appointment.

  • Choose a Facial that Suits Your Skin Type

There’s a facial for every skin type. Just because your peers recommended having a facial, doesn’t necessarily mean you can go for any random treatment. The type of facial you will choose depends upon a lot of factors-your skin type, skin tone, issues etc. If you have sensitive skin, an intense moisturising facial may result in breakouts. Likewise, if you have acne-prone skin, going for deep cleansing facial treatments can do more damage than good.

  • Avoid Waxing/Shaving Before Facial

Waxing or shaving makes your skin sensitive. As facials involve various hand strokes and continuous massage, your skin may get irritated and become red. Worse can be the outcome if you have a sensitive skin as this may result in blotchy skin and redness. So the experts of professional beauty salon in Hobart recommend you to stay away from waxing and shaving before a facial to avoid rashes, skin irritations and redness.

  • Stay Away From Loud Makeup

Just like you go to gym bare-faced, similarly, before walking into the salon for a facial treatment, you must avoid applying foundation, face mousse or even eye makeup as otherwise, they might not serve the purpose. Too much makeup can interfere with the active ingredients of your facial treatment and lead to a cluster of skin breakouts.

  • Avoid Sun Before and After of Facial Treatment

For people who have sensitive or acne-prone skin, it’s better not to expose skin to sunlight before and after a facial treatment. The harmful UV rays can damage your skin and lead to the formation of black patches and scars. Moreover, eye zones are sensitive and UV rays can cause wrinkles and dark spots to form around your eye zones, thereby ruining the after-effects of a relaxing facial treatment.

  • Avoid Exfoliation Immediately After A Facial

A facial therapy already involves thorough scrubbing and deep cleansing. This means your skin has undergone exfoliation already. Over exfoliation can irritate sensitive skin tissues and lead to rashes, infections and redness. So make sure you avoid scrubbing and deep cleansing your skin for at least 5days of undergoing a facial treatment. 

  • Use Expert-Recommended After-Care Products

No matter whether you book a regular facial massage or a complete facial treatment, you should always use after-care products as recommended by beauty salon experts offering facial in Hobart to maintain the glowing effect for long. Say bye to your household cleansers and use quality face products according to your skin type. It will make your skin look young and youthful and curb the need to opt for frequent facials therapies.

Facials can revitalise your skin and amplify your look if done properly. And to get flawless results, you must keep these essential pointers in mind. 

Author's Bio: 

The author owns a beauty salon in Hobart, offering a range of exclusive facials in Hobart in order to address various skin issues of clients and make their skin look youthful.