What is a better way to reach thousands of customers in a short span of time than setting up an online business? If you’re a smart business owner, you would consider promoting your business on a site that could potentially be seen by billions of people worldwide. Among all the social networking sites, Facebook still leads at number one with 2,070,000,000 monthly active users. Setting up a business page on Facebook may be one of the best ways to promote your company, as the entire process is very easy and most important of all– it’s free.

However, there are a lot of things to consider before marketing your business on Facebook. Because of the fact that it is easy and free, a lot of other start-ups and even big companies have also turned their attention to Facebook marketing. Thus, promoting your business and selling your products within the Facebook community can be a really big challenge if you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you want to gain the online community’s attention and stand out amongst your competitors, here are six helpful marketing tips you should follow:

Avoid hard-selling
Selling a product online, especially on Facebook, is very different to how you would sell a product through televised advertisements, magazines, or posters. It’s much more complex than that as it encourages product sellers and business owners to actually engage in conversations with potential customers and, in general, be part of the community.

Being creative and different are huge factors in Facebook marketing. Avoid coming off too aggressive, bland, or boring when trying to sell something, so posting products with their prices alone is a no. It’s also never a bad idea to inject some humor during conversations or while selling the product. Having a much more relatable persona on Facebook is more preferable.

Become part of similar communities as your customers
Facebook consists of different people with different likes, dislikes, hobbies, and etc. Thus, knowing your target audience can really help you boost your number of potential customers. With this, you not only attract an audience right away but also gain loyal groups of people. It’s important, however, that you shouldn’t just join communities for the sake of selling your product. They are your keys to building a reputation and making your business known on the social networking site.

Be an active user on Facebook
Avoid having a dead page with the latest update being 1 month ago. Be sure to post regularly, with at least one post a day or week to keep your audience interested. Keep in mind that your posts should at least be interesting or relevant for followers or mutual friends to enjoy.

Another way to keep your page considered active is to reply frequently to messages or comments. It’s highly encouraged to reply to concerns or questions as quickly as possible with a maximum of 24-hour response time. This encourages conversations more and leaves Facebook users with a positive impression of your business’ customer service. When replying, make sure to sound respectful and interested.

An added benefit of having an active account and an enthusiastic audience is that it would be easier to gain the interest and trust of people that are new to your page.

Don’t be scared to offer promotions
A sure way to rise up above your competitors is to offer promotions to your audience. A lot of successful online businesses, such as Starbucks, have made use of this method and have cultivated positive results. Promotions are a way for business owners to ensure that their customers avoid availing other products or services from competitors. Promotions can come in different ways such as giving a discount on your most in-demand product. You can also hold contests, which not only help advertise your product but also encourage customer-seller interaction.

Utilize Facebook Insights to know more about your audience
As mentioned earlier, knowing who your audience is one of the main key factors to successful Facebook marketing. With Facebook Insights, you would know the demographic in terms of the people that added your account or liked your Facebook page.

Using that knowledge, you would be able to adjust or tailor your posts according to your audience. The way you interact with your followers and how you advertise your product must depend on their general characteristics such as their location, common interests, or age group.

Make polls, host events and look for influencers
Polls are a great way to know what your audience wants. You can ask them what they like or dislike or even ask them what qualities they would want to see in the next product. On the other hand, you can host events to improve customer loyalty. By hosting an event, you can connect more with your customers and even attract new ones.

It’s also a great idea to identify which of your followers have a wide reach or influence in the community. If you do successfully find one, you can offer them discounts, exclusive product previews, or invite them to events as a sort of reward while in return help advertise your product. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.


Anyone can make their own page and sell their product online. However, it takes the right knowledge and skills to become successful in this business. Facebook marketing is not as easy as it seems as a lot of complex strategy-making is involved. Sometimes it’s a hit or miss, but in every step, be sure to always prioritize your customers and be kind to everyone you meet.

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