Are your kids effective players on the field? Initially, kids play games to create a better bond with their friends. However, if your child comes to you and asks to play the soccer ball, take them for training on kicking strategies. And, the first question that anyone will come up with is how to kick a soccer ball? Or how to master the kicks to apply on the field. Here are a few explored-


  1. Ball control trumps: If your kids can’t control the ball, do you think it would be possible for them to pass, score, shoot or dribble? What about the practices and efforts that kids make every day to improve their ability to play the game? Is it enough to enhance the skills? If it is not so, why not buying soccer sidekick training ball from Australia and have a better practice session as well as encouraging them to take time and practice different types of passes. With proper training equipment, you will be increasing the comfort level for the kids while using various part of the body including feet, chest, head and thigh.


  1. Faster decision making on the pitch: A player, who don’t have the ball control will take time to get the ball down. This creates extra pressure on the player besides reducing the vision on the field.


  1. Better ball possessions: The team with higher possessions often win the games. With a better flow of ball possessions, players get better control over the ball. Did you know the team that doesn’t come with good first touch technique, usually get the flow easily.


  1. Play with a purpose: Whereas it comes great since players control the ball using feet, the ball doesn't always come on the ground. Rather, more they will get older, it will start getting passes in the air. So, regardless of what your child wants to become- forward, defender or midfielder, the first thing your kids have to decide the purpose of the first touch.


  1. Game-like training: Buy your kids some necessary training equipment, like right football kicking tee, the right size ball according to the age and more such to give kids a game-like training. However, your kids need technical training, which will work better than that. While replicating the challenges that players face in a game, it will introduce some skills that players need to master the sidekicks.


  1. Use both the feet: You might think that just kicking the ball is the only thing kids practice in their initial days. However, experts suggest using both the feet for kicking right from the start is a good practice. Players will get more advanced upon putting both the feet down the line.


It is to remember that kicking a soccer ball involves a lot of techniques based on the purpose. i.e., foot pass and lace drive. Foot pass is when you pass the ball to the teammates and lace drives is when you shoot the ball. So, how your kids will manage these kicks carries a lot of importance.


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The author is a trainer with one of the leading soccer training academy. The Author writes on right soccer sidekick equipment like football kicking tee and training ball being sold in Australia. It makes the player get opportunity to improve their skills considerably.