If you have been trained for your driving skills at a driving school, it is likely that you know about how to handle your vehicle when it rains. Whether it is setting out when it is already raining or probably a sudden onset while you are on the road, it is important that you keep yourself and the car safe. 

Most road accidents due to bad weather occur when it rains, and that is one of the reasons why anyone and everyone driving on the road should be careful. Here are a few things you could follow when on the road and there is rain. 



Be Careful When There is a Sudden Onset

The time when after a hot spell there is a sudden downpour, and you are on the road. That is when it becomes risky to drive on wet roads as grease build-up on the roads mixed with rainwater tends to make the road slimy all of a sudden. Experts from a driving school in Clarinda agree that only after continuous rain does it wash away but the time when it suddenly rains, you need to be careful with your speed and check that there is no slipping or sliding. 

Follow the Car Right Ahead of You 

When you are following the car that is right ahead of you, you are allowing them to make way for you. If there is any stagnant water on the road ahead, they are clearing it for you, and you have a smooth road ahead.

Always Keep an Emergency Kit Handy 

When you know that the rainy season is around the corner, be prepared with an emergency kit in your car. You never know when you may get stranded on the highway. The emergency kit should contain a blanket, a flashlight, dry food, a bottle of water, mobile phone charger, a pair of clothing, first aid kit, extra bulbs and anything else that you feel may be required. 

Keep Distance From the Cars Ahead

There are times when due to reduced visibility there are collisions, and often you cannot spot the rear lights of the cars ahead of you. Therefore, keep a safe distance from the cars ahead. It will keep both of you safe. Also, in case there is a roadblock ahead, you get ample space to take a reverse and opt for another road to your destination.    

Be Alert 

Since you would pull up your windows due to the rains, you may not be able to hear what is happening outside. Therefore, avoid playing music or talking to your co-passengers. Instructors at driving school in Oakleigh suggest staying alert and keeping an eye everywhere. Danger may come along in any form which you may not be prepared for.

Always Keep the Wipers in Good Condition 

You never know when it pours and so there is always the need to keep the wipers in good condition. Keep checking it frequently and take it to the experts to fix it whenever it doesn’t work. Since it is what will make your screen clear from the falling rain, it is one of the essentials that you need to pay attention to.       

Author's Bio: 

The author has had experiences with enrolling at a driving school in Oakleigh and writes this article to help people stay alert when driving during the rains with tips coming from instructors at driving school in Clarinda.