Keeping a clean home can seem difficult, but it gets easier as long as you keep up with it and follow these five tips.

1. Wash a Load of Laundry Every Day

The best way to keep a clean home is to follow a few simple habits. The first that is easy if you stick with it is washing at least one load of laundry every day. Put one load of laundry in your washing machine in the morning when you wake up. If you're going to be home for the day, you can start your washing machine and transfer your clothes to your dryer when it's done. Otherwise, you can simply start washing when you get home from work. This keeps down on the amount of dirty laundry you have in your home, which will also help keep some of the bad smells associated with dirty clothing at bay.

2. Spend 15 Minutes Cleaning Up At Night

Before you go to bed every night, spend about 15 minutes just cleaning things up. There might be some messes you overlooked when you were making dinner, or there are probably a few things out of place that can be put away. This simple task will leave you with a cleaner and more orderly home when you wake up the next morning, which in itself will be much easier to keep clean.

3. Be Happy with "Clean Enough"

As much as you might want your home to be spotless when you're done cleaning, that isn't always possible. Even when it is, it sometimes takes so much hard work that you end up just frustrating yourself when something doesn't look perfect. Sometimes, you just have to be happy when something is "clean enough." Take care of the biggest and most noticeable messes, and make sure that you're happy with 80 percent of the cleaning that gets done. You can worry about the other 20 percent later.

4. Clean Up Pet Messes As They Happen

Pet messes can be particularly bothersome. Not only are they tough to completely clean, but they leave lingering smells if you don't catch them in time. The trick is to clean up as much of a mess that your pets leave as soon as you notice them. This also goes for cleaning litter boxes if you have cats. These should be cleaned at least every other day to ensure that they don't leave your home smelling too horrible.

5. Wash Your Kitchen's Garbage Can

Even when you empty your kitchen's garbage can regularly, smells can still linger if you don't deep-clean it regularly. A solution of hot water and vinegar can get rid of many of the smells that are lingering in the garbage can. You can also try dumping in some used coffee grounds since these absorb odors nicely.

6. Consider a Filtration Solution

Going through a home and having smells attack you can be one of the worst experiences. Implementing a good filtration system from places like Simple Solutions LLC can make a world of difference to your overall cleanliness. It can help with the dust and odor situation.

For the most part, keeping a home clean is all about keeping up with your messes as they happen. If you clean everything instead of letting it linger for too long, keeping your home clean will be much easier. Remember these tips, and always stay diligent with your housekeeping.

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Viki Adams is a freelance blogger from Utah. She is a student at Utah Valley University who is majoring in Business Administration. Viki loves to read and write about new subjects and you can connect with her on LinkedIn.