In life, many people have the habit of drinking tea. It can be said that the benefits of drinking tea are still quite numerous. For example, they can refresh your mind, you can lose weight and beauty, you can also eliminate fatigue, prevent various inflammations, etc., but it is not It ’s okay to drink tea at any time, and it ’s not suitable for anyone to drink tea. Therefore, we need to be clear about what we need to pay attention to and how to make tea more benefitive. Next, follow the editor to see what you need to pay attention to when drinking tea.

Drink tea must pay attention to the following points:

1. A large cup of tea, drink a day.

This method is particularly common in the north. From morning to night, this should be the tea in many Chinese impressions! In fact, the harm of doing this is the biggest. Tea leaves cannot be soaked in water for a long time. If the time is too long, the harmful substances in the tea will enter the water, so drinking tea is harmful and unprofitable.

2. Drink the freshly made tea, the newer the better.

Different teas have different degrees of fermentation. Generally, they are stored for a period of time. The natural taste of fermentation is the best. As for how long to drink before drinking, different teas are also different, such as Pu-erh raw tea, it is best to put the tea leaves in the air for 2 months before drinking to "wake tea", and Yunnan black tea drink more than half a year of alcohol thickness It's the best. Green tea takes two weeks.

3. Women drink tea every day.

Women should not drink tea during menstruation or pregnancy. Drinking tea is usually not too strong. For example, Yunnan black tea, there is a legend on the Internet that boiling water is boring for 2 minutes, which is definitely not acceptable. The correct brewing method is 85 degree water (the water is boiled and then cooled), 1-3 Soup in seconds, tea soup is golden yellow, if wine red soup shows, it is too strong.

4. Drink tea on an empty stomach.

Drinking tea on an empty stomach can dilute the gastric juice, reduce the digestive benefit, and increase the absorption rate of water, resulting in a large amount of undesirable components in the tea into the blood, causing dizziness, palpitation, weakness in hands and feet and other symptoms.

5. Drink tea while sick.

Can't drink tea for gastric ulcer. Caffeine in tea can increase gastric acid secretion, increase gastric acid concentration, induce ulcers and even perforation.

Fever can not drink tea. Tea contains theophylline, which has the benefit of raising body temperature. Drinking tea for fever patients is tantamount to "pouring oil on fire".

6. Drink tea after a meal.

Tea contains a large amount of tannic acid, which can react with the iron element in the food, and it is born with new materials that are difficult to dissolve. For a long time, it causes human iron deficiency, and even induces anemia. The accurate method is: drink tea one hour after a meal.

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