Carpets can be hard to keep clean or maintain because a drop of coffee, wine or curry can give it a strain and dust and dirt can easily build up on the fur. Because of the texture of the carpet you have to pay extra care and attention to keep it clean. There are some efficient ways to keep your carpet clean and it is important for you to know the optimal ways of cleaning carpets. This will not only save your time but these tips can help to get rid of the most stubborn stains as well.

Don’t rub the stains:

You cannot resist your carpet from having stains. But what you need to do is to not rub the stains. Rubbing will cause the particles to get ground in to the fibers of the carpet which is not good for the fibers. Rubbing it can lead to the premature breakdown of those fibers. Instead you can take cleaning cloth, tissue paper or sponge along with a cleaning agent and can dab the stain. You have to blot the stains. What blotting will do is that it will put small amount of pressure on the stain and soak it up. Easy.

Use shaving cream to good effect:

Most of you might not aware of this quality of shaving cream but it can remove any kind of strain and can be the best carpet cleaner for you. You can apply it directly on the stain and leave it there for 30 minutes or so. After this time blot it away with a towel or cleaning cloth. You can spray vinegar on the area after whipping it away with the cleaning cloth.

Use portable spot cleaner:

Portable spot cleaner is an efficient way of keeping your carpet clean. It can remove the strain with a power hand held motorized brush. These spot cleaners don’t use heat and steam to remove the strains because it can damage the carpet. After cleaning the spot, it feathers the area to blend the spot with the other area. It can easily extract coffee spots, old pet stains and odor. The best thing about spot cleaners is that it can be used for stairs and your car interior as well.

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Start far from the door:

It is common sense to start from the corner that is away from the door. Because this is how you can work your way towards the door and can remove all the dust effectively. Also clean your carpet in a straight line. Give your carpet cleaner parallel strokes and go at a steady place. This will take most of the dust out of the carpet.

Use hydrogen peroxide:

For stains like blood spots, hydrogen peroxide is the best solution. You can suffer from paper cut and can end up in getting a few drops on the carpet. But this doesn’t mean that it will remain there forever. Hydrogen peroxide can get out these blood spots for you. Use a mild detergent with water to dry the blood spot and scrape off as much blood as you could. Now for the remainder, apply hydrogen peroxide directly on it. It will immediately convert it in to form when it comes in contact with the blood.

Wash regularly:

You might vacuum your carpet on the daily basis but it is important to wash it on the regular basis. This will increase their durability and you can keep them soft for long time. It is a simple matter of give and take. So keep your carpet clean by giving it a regular wash.

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