An air compressor is used to blow up tires or run small air tools, it needs some attention, so this is the perfect time to talk about some maintenance items that your compressor needs to keep providing good service.

In this article, I will tell you about six basic tips to maintain your air compressor. Let’s get started.

Air compressor maintenance

Here are few tips to keep your air compressor maintained and optimize the performance of your equipment.


There’s a train track on the bottom of every compressor tank. Moisture from the air accumulates in the tank and should be drained out regularly to prevent rust and corrosion inside the tank. Drain daily or after each use. In case your drain track is broken, you can replace it with a new one very easily.

Change oil

It is very necessary to keep on changing the oil and use the one of good quality. Oil should be normally warm when you drain it. A few minutes of running the compressor will eventually warm the oil. The compressor has a sight glass from which you can see whether the oil is adequate or not. However, some compressors may have a dipstick instead.

Clean air filter

There is an air filter in the compressor to inspect and clean in case of any damage. If it's too dirty to clean, you can replace it.

Check for leaks

You need to check the connectors, hoses, and fittings for leaks. The leak will cause the compressor to cycle excessively, and it's especially noticeable on a low-capacity compressor with a small tank. If they are leaking, just replace them. Not all fittings work well together, so it's best to standardize your fittings; they should pop on and off easily.

Pressor switch 

The pressor switch should shut the compressor off when full pressure is reached. If the switch fails to shut off the compressor, the safety relief valve prevents excess pressure in the tank. It should be checked for free movement. If it pops out at normal operating temperature or leaks, it should be replaced.

Check airflow

You need to make sure that the airflow for the oil cooling is as good as it can be. There should be no dirt or debris built up in the oil corner itself, and the pre-filter is as clean as it can be.


I hope everything is clear to you now and the article proved to be helpful.

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