Discussions on career, in view of its ramification are always extensive. But its substance can always be broken down to simple progression or steps to its realization. Perhaps, you’re a student or one at the threshold of making an important career choice. Worse still, your case may be you not knowing at all which career path to follow. Then, your question may be “how and what do I choose as a career?”
Here are six simple steps to your dream career:
1. Discover yourself
This is about the most important point you have to settle. You will need to know the personality behind your frame. In life generally, you have to at all time answer the question of who you are and you will find this recurring in your career life. If you do not know who you are, then the world will say you are not!

You will have to know the uniqueness, strength and weakness of your personality. You will need to know what you can do personally, what you can do through others, what motivates you and also de-motivates you. You should know your values, belief and perception. In brief, this is all about personality and talent or skills assessment.

2. Discover your Purpose
Purpose is at the epicentre of the totality of our activities and existence. Miss this point and resign to an unfulfilled and uninspiring life! Purpose is bigger than a job or career and necessarily should drive the choice and course of our career. The totality of your personality and skills set will find better expression when fuelled by purpose.

Perhaps, you will need to be sober and reflective to discover your purpose. Whatever it takes, do discover your purpose and cross-check it against the light of attaining fulfilment in life, years into or after your career.

3. Research the industry
No matter the prestige and glamour of your dream career, it’s always wise and proper to do your homework first, before plunging head on. In researching your prospective industry, you may need to do a check on the profiles of top companies in the industry; their line of business, operations and product or service offering; requirements and details job descriptions and responsibilities.

You may also need to read up on industry reports and also seek counsel from professionals in that field.

4. Look into the Future
Armed with facts and perhaps figures from your research, you need to take a long gaze into the future of that prospective career. What are the prospects of that career a few years from now, in terms of opportunities and threats? Note that seeing the future of your dream career, in some cases, may require you see with the eyes of faith. The prospects may not be rosy in the present, but may boom tomorrow.

After all, years ago most parents never gave a chance to pursuits in football, the comic and the dramatic arts.

5. Draw a Road Map to that Future
Now that the picture of the future of your dream career is beautiful in your eyes, you must of necessity draw up and engage in some course of action to realize your aspiration. This calls for strategic thinking, planning and execution of plans.
Depending on your station in the pursuit of a career, planning and execution may mean taking some study, writing some qualifying examinations, crafting your curriculum vitae, researching and applying for jobs, preparing for interviews and keeping abreast with relevant information in your prospective field. Planning and effective execution produce preparedness and success is the child of the meeting between opportunity and preparation.

6. Be on the Road!
Pursuit is the evidence of desire, so give your whole self to the realization of your dream career. The road to your career may be bumpy, narrow and congested and full of sharp turns. You should expect negative responses, results and assessments. Just know that life is configured not to give you what you desire, but what you’re able to negotiate.

Negotiate your way to your dream life. The world belongs to only those who believe in and stick to the pursuit and realization of their dreams. Draw strength from your past victories, no matter how insignificant they seem; celebrate every current effort at making progress and learn from all failures and mistakes.

If you will follow these steps to lunching out on your career, nothing in life, except time will be a factor to your success. Do you believe this?
See you at the top!

Author's Bio: 

Uche Agoha is the Chief Facilitator at Career Seminars Nigeria, an organization championing the cause of graduate job seekers towards the enhancement of their employability skills and overall entrepreneurial abilities. He is a speaker and a career counsellor. Follow him on twitter: www.twitter.com/ucheagoha or email him at d6careers at gmail.com