1. CHANGE YOUR WORDS. Thoughts DO equal outcome. When negative self-talk rises, let it go, apologize to YOU and change it. Practice. Be easy on yourself when you slip up; you will. You’ve likely been talking negatively to YOU for a long time.
  2. KNOW THAT THE LIGHT IS WITHIN YOU. Whatever your belief system, recognize… you are light, and perfect as you are. Dark moments in my life led me to get this concept fully, to reach a knowing that our light will see us through; we always come out stronger on the other side. This obstacle (no matter how massive it seems) is an incredible opportunity for you to learn about yourself, and bring you to the gifts you have to give to this world.
  3. VITAMIN D DAILY. Most people are deficient in vitamin D. It controls your immune system, ability to reduce inflammation, calcium and phosphorus levels, and new cell growth.  You can buy foods fortified with Vitamin D but  not enough for maximum health. The sun is the best source as it’s challenging to get it from food alone.  Mushrooms and some fish, like salmon, provide some vitamin D. Cereal and milk products will boast that it is fortified, but you’d have to eat these products all day long, which I don’t recommend. Get outdoors for 10 minutes a day, between 10-2pm if you have fair skin, with no sunscreen, during sunny times of the year. If you have dark skin, you’re overweight, or over 60 years of age, you’ll need even more vitamin D. Where you live affects how much you get. Receive a minimum of 1000 IUs each day via the sun &  a supplement (liquid vitamin D from your health food store). The salmon, mushrooms, or Vitamin D fortified products are a bonus.
  4. B-12. It’s not uncommon to be deficient in vitamin B-12, which comes from animal products; primarily grass-fed, like eggs and beef. Unless you’re getting your meat from a local farm or health store, and it states “grass-fed”, you’re probably not getting much B-12. I have many clients who decide not to eat meat but don’t know to supplement. Lacking in B-12 can lead to serious conditions - depression, mood changes, loss of memory, and nervous system challenges. The tablets that dissolve under your tongue are available at your health food store.
  5. HAVE AN UNDERRATED BREAKDOWN. I’ve had several big ones. Sometimes we hit rock bottom, wake up, and realize we need to make a change and stop living in the hell that we’ve created.  Sometimes we begin to break down and feel like we have to hold it all together. Let it go and give YOU permission to break. (I am not suggesting you harm others or yourself in the process.) This breakdown is the beginning of a breakthrough - in that moment, you begin your journey.
    At a turning point in life, or health, many recognize that the universe is much bigger than they are, and surrender. Jump in knowing that the net will catch you (even though it is scary). Take a leap of faith. You can’t repeat what didn’t work before and expect it to work now.

    What if you…

    • Sign up for that marathon you always wanted to run?
    • Make a decision & trust that you will follow through in a way that you never have before?
    • Ask for what you WANT (without stating what you don’t want—that’s the negative self-talk interfering)?

Open up to new possibilities!

Author's Bio: 

Renee Heigel, CHHP, AADP, is an international No-Diet Coach, writer, holistic health and nutrition practitioner, mom, entrepreneur, foodist, writer, speaker, cook, world traveler, media maven and creator of Love Yourself NakedTM and Local Nourish Flourish.

Renee trained at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City and is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She shows women in their mid-20’s to mid-50’s how to eat more local, whole foods so they can lose inches and love themselves naked!

She offers individual health and nutrition coaching, webinars and corporate wellness coaching.

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