For brands and business, the traditional forms of communication do not work anymore. By sharing your message via text and images, your message is going to be easily overlooked. So, how do you share your message and make sure it is conveyed properly? You use videos.

Video is being used increasingly by brands and businesses to communicate with their audience. It is attention grabbing, and the message retention lasts longer than plain text or images.

You could be an amateur content creator or a professional video editor, but if you’re making videos, there is always a need for high-quality royalty-free video footage to better tell your story. Online video making tools like Rocketium require 0 design experience, and can be used to string together video clips, add text overlays and background music so you can create impactful video stories.

Here are 6 top resources on the Internet that provides high-quality free video stock footage.

List of Top Websites With Royalty Free Video Footage:

1. Pexels Videos - Pexels provides a large repository of high-quality stock videos. The library of elaborate time lapses, to a stock video of landscapes and cities, you'll find everything you require. Pexels is the best place to find some stock footage for videos you’d want to put up on your website, or on social media. All videos are free to use.

2. Pixabay - On Pixabay, you can discover the best source for free videos. Their video collection is as rich as their existing photography portal. Their video clips include everything from scenic landscapes to video for specific occasions.

3. Life of Vids - Life of Vids has free video footage, clips and loops with no copyright restrictions. The footages they have are uploaded to Vimeo. They add new videos every week and allow users to contribute to the site.

4. Coverr - Coverr is the perfect media platform to get some video clips online for any growing business. It is a great source for video clips that you can use for website headlines. They have an ever-growing collection of stock video footage. You can download these clips in multiple formats - from WebM to standard video formats like MP4.

5. Videvo - On, you can download unlimited free video clips to use them for your projects. Videvo does one thing really well - stockpile as many high-quality stock video footage as they can. They have an amazing collection of video loops for almost all purposes. This is something that makes them stand apart from the rest.

6. Distill - Distill curates top-notch videography that cater to niche requirements and are updated regularly. The have borderline cinematic clips which are perfect for indie projects and short films.

What can you do with these stock footages?

To convey your message, your work does not stop at just collecting stock video footages. You need to put in text overlays on these videos and add relevant music tracks to bring an impact to your story.

Generally, online publishers and video editors use offline tools like Adobe and spend hours, if not days, on producing a short 60s video. Brands and businesses today cannot afford to put in so much time. Video creation platforms like Rocketium come with built-in templates. You can upload these footages on Rocketium, add text, select a background music and a theme, and you get Adobe level quality videos in minutes!

Have you got any recommendations of a website with stock video footage that we’ve missed? Comment below and let us know!

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