Yes, I can feel you. It happens with everyone, and we always tend to postpone it for a future date either because of time management or because of tiredness.

Whatever it is, finding a suitable time to read a book is a very good thing or you can say a very good hobby to inculcate in your daily routine.

There are lots of benefits of regular reading, it not only improves your knowledge and vocabulary but also refine you as a person.

A Stanford University study revealed that when you read good stuff, it increases the blood flow to your brain and boosts cognitive functioning. And if you read regularly, it makes you sharper, calmer, and a happier person.

The good news is that with a right direction, you can start reading more and invest your time in good things.

In our accredited life coaching training program, we will take you in a journey where you can become self-dependent as well as boost up your lost confidence.

To achieve this and more, we feel reading is the best exercise. Here are five easy ways on how to read more effectively:

1. Choose a book reading goal
How many books do you love to read? Do you have any favorite books? Picking out a specific number of books will make it easier for you to track your progress and enjoy your journey.

You can find a list of books from Amazon and set up a reading list. There are hundreds of books you can find or choose from.

Get started with these timeless classics:

1.Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

2. The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss.

3.Unscripted by M.J Demarco.

2. Inculcate reading habit before you fall asleep
Avoid using your phone at night, and instead, read a bedtime story to lull yourself to sleep. If you frequently do this, you will become habitual and will enjoy reading every night.

I have heard from a lot of people that they feel too tired to read a book before going to sleep. They use to say that the thought of book reading makes them lazy.

3. Keep a book on the deck
Make sure to keep a book always on the deck or at any place that is easy to access. It will remind you to pick it up and read.

You can even keep it if you are travelling or commuting anywhere like on your way to a girls’ getaway or to your office.

Make a space in your bag to keep the book and take the time to read the book. It is always an option to enjoy and have a good time, in short, you will never get bored.

4. Join or participate in a local book club
If you participate in a local book club or join any book club, you will not only get a chance to read some interesting books but also you can chat with other fellow book lovers and know their interests in the book.

With interaction or discussion, you can expand your mind and see a new perspective.

5. Plan out the most suitable time to read
Schedule a non-negotiable time that can be used only for reading. You can find a time when you are not busy or free to spend time on yourself. Make it as important as you do another task. You can add it to your planner or write it in your diary or can simply set up an alarm on your phone.

Choose your time carefully when your mind is relaxed and you can concentrate and read with ease.

6. Build a distraction-free reading environment
Sometimes doing some important thing where your mind is involved requires a peaceful place. So, if you want to know how to read efficiently, make sure your environment is free from any distractions and you do have control over it

You can read in a room which is quiet and doesn’t have temptations like tv.

To make a more soothing place, you can hover on a relaxed couch, sip your coffee, turn your phone on silent or Airplane mode and enjoy your reading time.

By following these tips, you will see changes in your behavior and boost your personality.

We have helped a lot of people come over from stressful or depressed state. If you think that you need help, you can come and join our Accredited Life Coach Training Program.

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We have helped a lot of people come over from stressful or depressed state. If you think that you need help, you can come and join our Accredited Life Coach Training Program.