One of the busiest components in your kitchen fixture is the kitchen faucet as it does a variety of chores from cleaning dishes to scrubbing vegetables. It is therefore important that you pick the right kitchen faucet that handles your requirement smoothly, without any glitches. Also, the looks of it should compliment your kitchen design as well.

This article guides you to make the best decision while buying the kitchen faucet. Here are some of the features to look for:

1. Choose the right faucet handle

The kitchen faucet models have either a single lever or double lever or they are hands-free. If you want to have the best control over temperature and water volume, go for the single lever ones. It makes turning on and off of water supply a cinch and gives a classy yet modern look to your kitchen.

The two-handled faucets have easy control over water temperature and flow and add elegance to your kitchen.

Touchless kitchen faucets are a great pick if you have the budget and are looking for extreme convenience. You can use these faucets even when your hands are covered in flour or chicken grease without spreading the mess.

2. Look for the Spray Features

The spray feature on your faucet controls where you want water in your sink adding the convenience quotient to your faucet. It allows you to wash the hard-to-reach angles and move the faucet towards the little member in your home who can’t reach the sink to wash hands, fill a pot, etc

Most of the spray features offer two controls namely steady jet and spray, which can be switched as per your needs at the kitchen sink.

This spray feature comes as part of many of the faucet models. If your model does not have one, you can always get one installed to the side of the faucet. The inbuilt spray feature may be either a pull-out, coil, or pull-down ones. Choose the one which suits your likes and convenience.

3. Style it out

While choosing the kitchen faucet, look for the models that only provide the necessary features but are also easy on the eye. The right styled kitchen faucet stands out in your kitchen adding beauty to it.

Choose from the many finish options like from stainless steel, polished chrome, polished nickel, wrought iron etc , so that it blends well with other appliances, features, and hardware in your kitchen.

4. Avoid misfit

What if the model you oh-so love, does not fit in your kitchen’s space? Avoid such a situation and know your window sills/ kitchen cabinet measurement before hand, as you set out to pick the faucet model.

This ensures that the height of your chosen faucet does not look like a misfit with the ones which have already been place in your kitchen.

5. Holes in the countertop

Before you step out(or look online) for a new faucet model, know the number of holes you already have in your countertop. Is it one, two or three?

A counter top with three holes lets you install a faucet, along with spray feature, and a soap dispenser. You can use a deckplate at the faucet base that covers the extra holes if you opt for a single handle or a hands-free faucet. It gives a seamless look while covering the holes.

Check if the spout of the faucet reaches closely to the centre of your sink and not just barely extends into your sink.

6. Look for the extras

While selecting a faucet, why not consider to add something extra like a filtration faucet next to your sink that gives you cold, filtered drinking water in a convenient place or a pot filler faucet above the stove, Lotion or soap dispensers that stores extra products off your counters? Choose these add-ons so that it saves you time, adds convenience, along with making your kitchen time enjoyable.

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