Pregnancy is an overwhelming phase in every woman’s life. The excitement and the anticipation comes hand-in-hand in the 9 months roller coaster ride!

Almost everyone starting from your relatives to your nosy neighbours becomes an expert on pregnancy, and end up preaching myths, the minute they know you are expecting. Oh well, that’s nagging!

To the moms-to-be, you be the expert as I separate pregnancy facts from fiction.

Myth: Eat for two

This is the most popular bizarre notion that prevails in the Indian society.

Fact: It doesn’t require much of extra calories to feed a fetus. During the third trimester of pregnancy, along with the usual 2000 calories, an extra 200 calories are recommended in diet. That’s equivalent to half of a sandwich.

 Myth: Elevation of belly determines gender

It's a girl if you are carrying high and a boy if you're carrying low.

Fact: The truth is that gender has got nothing to do with baby’s position in your stomach. According to an authentic Pregnancy blog, the elevation of your bump is entirely reliant on the muscle tone, strength of your abdominal muscles, structure of uterine muscles and the amount of fat deposited around your abdomen.

So next time when someone becomes an astrologer seeing your tummy and predicts the gender, debunk the myth with grace.

 Myth: Never Exercise

Exercise during pregnancy is absolutely harmful for mother and the fetus.

Fact: Research shows, when a pregnant woman undergoes a certain exercise and fitness regime, it is very much beneficial for the baby. During the prenatal period, yoga is a great way to increase the blood flow. Exercise and yoga not only increase fitness quotient but also instils positive vibes.

 Myth: Avoid Flights

Taking flights to travel during pregnancy is unsafe for babies as airport scanners emit harmful radiation.

Fact: The radiation associated with airport scanners and X-ray machines are in minute amount. It is harmless for the fetus.

But avoid long flights during the last few days of the trimester as it may lead to blood clot.

Myth: Intimacy increases risk of miscarriage

Having intercourse with your partner harms the fetus leading to miscarriage or even induces labour.

Firstly, there are 7 layers of skin between the abdomen and the amniotic sac. Your cervix during pregnancy grows big and strengthens enough to prevent anything from going inside.

Secondly, having sex won’t induce labour. Make sure to have a proper position, that doesn’t put much pressure in your abdomen. Unless and until the doctor abstains you from having physical intimacy, it is absolutely fine to have sex.

Myth: Don’t take bath daily

A pregnant woman is not advised to take a bath daily.

Fact: It is an absolute foundation less advice. Just like your pre-pregnancy days, you should bathe in the usual way. It is a good hygiene practice.

Just avoid way too much hot or cold water.

So, hey would-be-mums, without any scientific explanation don’t blindly believe the old wives-tales. If in doubt, seek for professional help as some myths might cause danger in reality. Stay fit! Stay alert! Stay happy!

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