Learning how to drive is the most interesting and useful thing today. Road accidents are indeed very frequent and they can be deadly if you neglect the safety matters. Being a good driver is your responsibility not only for your safety but for passerby’ also.
People who have their cars are more likely to take driving lessons. Many of them join some attractive courses. But after a few months, they get them as an inexperienced and inexpert driver. Understanding the basic and advanced skills is mandatory to become an expert driver.
The more you practice the more you grow confidence to drive safely on roads. Highways are over-crowded and there are many signs and instructions you will see on the roadside. A driver needs to understand the meaning and functions of those signs. You should follow those instructions properly to have a smooth experience. So, just attending a course and finishing it will not make you a confident driver but practicing can improve your skill and patience. After finishing the course, you need to maintain practicing at least once or twice a week.
Night driving is an ever tough task for new learners. So, try to avoid driving at night untill you have those expert safety skills. Drivers need to be more alert at night than day driving. Certainly, it gives a pleasant experience as nights are beautiful. But it is also true that your vision has a limit at night. The glare of headlights and low color contrast will disturb your vision. It is the main cause why accidents happen mostly at night.
There are some specific rules and restrictions to drive at night. Here are 8 safety tips you have to maintain while driving after sunset. Especially, learners must be more careful about these safety points:
1. Checking the lights is necessary
Check that all the lights are working well when you are on roads after sunset. Headlights, brake lights, indicators not only assist you but they alert other vehicles about your presence.
2. Cleaning of windows and windscreen
To view the road you must clean the windows and windscreen properly. Check the functions of wipers and washers also.
3. Set rearview mirror perfectly
Rearview mirrors are used to see the vehicles behind you. Adjust it when you are driving at night that you don’t get any disturbance by the reflection of headlights.
4. Controlling speed is more crucial
For the safety of pedestrians mainly speed controlling is a must after sunset. When you avail cheap driving classes Blacktown you are recommended to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.
5. Know the proper use of high beams and dipper
Drivers are recommended to avoid high beams in a crowded area. It disturbs pedestrians and fellow drivers but using high beams on a clear road is a good habit.
6. Be aware of drunk drivers
Defensive driving is important at night. Drunk drivers usually do not follow stop signs or do not maintain the right distance. So, you should be careful to avoid any mishap.
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