We all know that the direct path to a strong, healthy and lean body is eating right and exercising. If you don’t know this yet – surprise! So, if most of us know how beneficial regular exercise is, why are so many of us still not doing it? Well for one it takes time and energy that we often convince ourselves we don’t have enough of (you’ll see the irony in this shortly). Secondly, let’s face it - initially it’s very uncomfortable. How many people do you know get excited about going to the dentist or about cleaning out the garage? Precisely. We tend to avoid what makes us uncomfortable and doesn’t give us immediate pleasure, unless of course the consequences to avoidance are much greater than the feeling we’re avoiding.

What many people don’t realize is that enduring the initial stages of being uncomfortable will soon wear off and regular exercise actually becomes pleasurable and even addicting. Yeah I know, I was shocked too the first time I “missed” a workout. No, I mean when I skipped it I really missed it!

So let’s talk about a few of the benefits of exercise and how you can potentially transform and heal your entire life by simply incorporating a daily exercise routine into your schedule.

1. Exercise is a mood lifter. There is a chemical that is released into the bloodstream from the pituitary gland when we exercise, called endorphins. Endorphins are natural anti-depressants and mood enhancers and act much like opiates in their ability to enhance the overall feeling of well-being. I don’t know about you, but I prefer good moods, not only for myself but in those around me. When we’re in a negative state of mind, we tend to attract more negative people and circumstances. No thanks. Endorphins please!

2. The physical benefits, such as weight loss, muscle growth, good health, etcetera are the obvious benefits of exercise. Additionally, when we feel good in our own skin we are naturally more self-confident. Self-confidence is a must if you want to reach a higher vibration and keep advancing to higher levels of consciousness. Self-confidence breeds happiness and success.

3. Energy! I enjoy drinking an occasional cup O’ Joe as much as the next person; however the healthiest and most reliable source of energy comes from within your own body. Regular exercise will keep you energized and focused, which will enable you to complete tasks, remain positive and propel your life to levels you couldn’t otherwise reach.

4. More exercise equals an improved sex life. Research shows (hopefully through surveys) that people who exercise regularly have a more fulfilling and satisfying sex life. This makes sense just based on what we’ve already discussed: more energy, better moods and increased self-confidence. Additionally, being in good physical shape adds to confidence, endurance and performance. You can figure out the rest.

5. No more counting sheep. People who engage in regular exercise have far fewer bouts with insomnia. Sleeplessness contributes to poor moods, advanced aging, fatigue and many other ailments. More exercise equals more rest so you not only feel better, but you look better (and younger) too.

6. Better brain function is associated with regular exercise. Exercising allows more oxygen into the brain, enabling sharper focus and better concentration which are imperative skills to have in reaching any goals you may have.

There are several other benefits to exercise, like reduced stress and a vitalized nervous system. The list goes on and on. Exercising regularly is not only physically beneficial, as we stated earlier, but it improves every other area of your life. With better health, a better attitude, a healthy self-image and an overall better state of well-being, you have the mindset to create the life that you desire. On the other hand, remaining sedentary breeds an unhealthy and unhappy lifestyle. Who wants that?

Make the choice to exercise and change your life. Considering all that you stand to gain, I think it’s worth an hour out of your day, don’t you?

Author's Bio: 

Danielle Pierre is an entrepreneur, published author & certified life coach.

You can contact Danielle at danielletpierre@gmail.com