Egypt has always been one of the top destinations for people interested in exploring ancient history, a beautiful and rich culture, and wonderful places and people. It's still one of those destinations, though, that many people end up dreaming about, rather than actually going on. Here are seven reasons why everyone should consider at least once in their lives visiting this beautiful country.


Admire Ancient Culture, Beauty of Egypt and Nile Cruise Let's face the obvious immediately; Egypt is one of the best countries to visit if you're into ancient cultures, history, and architecture. Egypt provides one of the most special and richest cultural experiences you can find anywhere, and finding a place with more historic landmarks per square meter in the world will be challenging.


Whether it's the Alexandria Library, the Luxor Temple, or the Kings Valley, you'll be spoiled for choice once you get there. And if you want to see as many landmarks as possible while exploring the natural beauty of one of the most famous water bodies in the world, you can always book a cruise to the Nile while you're there.


Go to the Desert Safari In addition to historic sights, there are tons of things to sell in Egypt's beautiful landscape. Why don't you hop on a quad bike and ride the dunes or take a camel ride through the Western Desert, if that's your first time around? Egypt is a land of many deserts, and you can take your family on a camel ride through some of the world's most emblematic deserts, like the Blue Desert, the Sinai Desert or the Great Sand Sea. This is a perfect way to escape from tourism and discover the country in its rawest form.


Egypt's Miles of Beautiful Beaches is more than just desert; it also has tons of beautiful beaches. The country has some of the most beautiful beaches you can see anywhere, including Cleopatra Beach, Gharam Beach, Hurghada Beach and Agiba just to name a few. Water sports enthusiasts are also looking for these beaches around the world, so if you're a fan of deep blue waters, nice waves and beautiful golden sandy beaches, Egypt is definitely a place for you.


Egypt has some of the world's finest diving spots if you enjoy scuba diving. The Red Sea, in general, is full of freshwater and coral fish. Tons of other diving opportunities are also available, such as shipwrecks, drifts, pinnacles, cliffs, shore dives, liveaboards and day boats.


In addition to its natural beauty and history, Egypt's nightlife is one of the world's most popular. They often say New York is a city that never sleeps, but in Cairo it's true. At all times of the day, shops are open and there is always something to do about it. The roads are always packed, which is another bonus when exploring the city in the dark you want to feel safer. Whether at 1 a.m. you want to go shopping for a bite, go shopping at 3 a.m. Or get some food at 5 a.m., you've covered Egypt.


You can't say you've had the full experience of Egypt until you've visited one of the country's different souks. Khan al-Khalili is one of the country's largest souks and a great shopping place for exotic perfumes, copper and silver, alabaster and spices. Nonetheless, be prepared to barter hard; local traders are experts in this game, and if you know how to play your cards right, you might end up with a lot.


Mingle with the locals The Egyptian people are known for their kindness and hospitality, and when you get there you can definitely feel it. The Egyptians are very proud of their country and will do their best to make you feel welcome and have a good time to show you. Get out of the tourist centers and interact with the people if you really want to learn about the local culture. You'll have the chance to meet some of the warmest, kindest people you'll ever meet, and who knows, maybe while you're at it you'll have the chance to enjoy a cup of Egyptian tea.


Egypt is a country of wonders, a must on the list of any seasoned traveler. And, if you haven't left yet, it should surely be at the top of your next vacation destination list.

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