Email marketing is important thing is just not only you or your company are the recipients. By this that the client must be starting point and purpose of your strategy since the aim is to trust your company or business and generate a long lasting bond.

We all have email, in fact 83% of people who surf the Internet claim that consult it daily or even several times a day. With this data, if you take your niche market you can tell the number of potential customers and prospects who could come up with a detailed study of what they need in relation to what you offer.

If you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner or a freelancer and you're wondering what in it for you? Is it really something that you invest your time and money? May be these all of your question Or maybe you're thinking this is fine but you do not have the financial resources for this. This article to show the advantages of email marketing for your business:

Ease and speed of delivery: the emails are generated easily and we know that our message will be delivered to the recipient in seconds. Stop and think for a moment: what tool or medium now allows this? Email marketing is an easy and with that you know that your email has reached the right people.

Immediate Response time: in a few minutes you can know if the people you sent the email or not interested in the information you've submitted. How? Quite simply, there are now tools that allow us to get to know if the email were clicked on a link that you included if they shared the information with their acquaintances, either via email or through social networks.

Cost savings: stayed behind large investments in brochures, shipping. Email marketing is a low cost tool. We have at our disposal many tools that make our lives easier, some free and some for sale. Not only big companies can access these services, everyone can access them.

We can customize: We can customize criteria as people whom we will send the mail by demographics, interests, location. Email marketing allows us to send different messages to our various contacts. You may have a list of customers which have shown interest in different products you offer. Why did you send them all the information but they interest only a few?

Chance of reports: from the moment you receive your mail recipients can know their behavior and can obtain data on the number of emails that have been delivered successfully, no, how many were opened, how many have rebounded. All this information can help us adjust our strategy to improve future shipments while we evaluate the ROI, measuring the degree of investment and return.

Is universal: we can get in touch instantly with people around the world so it opens up a world of possibilities for our business.

Designing a good email marketing campaign for any business can be benefited as they get two essential things: one, retain existing customers and acquire new customers and both are going to be the best evangelizers of our business.

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