When you have a blog as a business project that matters is the web traffic that Internet users coming to your blog but it can only happen if your content is quality and fit SEO techniques recommended by search engines or your topics arouse interest in social networks.

One of the most common practices is to exchange links and the best way to do this is to participate as a guest blogger on a blog that has many more views than yours but it is important to note that your guest article may be rejected by multiple reasons.

1. - Trash Content
It might be an expert on something such as a lawyer but to write for Internet users need basic knowledge of SEO this is as basic forms of presenting content.

For example you can write an article title it happen "lawyers" and develop a good topic but what are the chances that this piece has a good place in the search engines? Not even this led to a specific reader.

Another case of people not even an expert and tries to pass items to post as guest blogger repeating a lot of times some keywords that supposedly favor. Articles stupid pointless, some advertising simply talking about themselves, they do not even have a good extension.

If an item does not emphasize the needs of the reader and just about making noise, just at the time that we spend most of blogger when you start your project and cannot even interested. Not a bad time only practice is a time where you have to work to discover how to find your talent shine.

2. - Biographies trash
A guest blogger can pass the first filter with an article of good content, but then comes the biography that often are vague, complicated, exaggerated or too poor.

3. - Talking inexperienced
We can be a great time for players to write an article to impress as a guest blogger on a blog of good traffic but it is pretty crazy to submit articles on topics that have no experience trying to teach things they cannot achieve on their own.

For example "get rich with this business opportunity." I could not teach something not to miss, something not to achieve. If you already made rich with such business opportunity, great but better invest a small portion of that money on advertising to improve search results have to be free guest blogger.

4. - Not serve its readers
Achieved already publish an article as a guest blogger, and now sat to wait a significant increase in traffic to your blog. It may be that your article has sparked interest and get comments to be answered. You have to be there, it is your word, you are part of the dialogue, you cannot be silent, serious disrespect. Possibly that way may not be your second article accepted.

5. - No share in their social sites
The main reason for seeking to be a guest blogger is getting links and traffic to their percentage of website but cannot wait to do all the blog host. You have to be grateful and work for that traffic is greater collaborates sharing your own article in your social accounts.

6. - An article unrelated keywords and full of links to your blog
It is very easy to write articles by adding keywords that are not relevant only to put links, but the result is disastrous, a painful confusion for readers. You as a blogger first need to love your readers, and give them the best from their needs.

No matter your needs traffic, no matter what you need money, what the reader wants to find what you need, fill a need and receive a bonus, superb service. If you can be extraordinary in content not even have to search for links these come alone, because people talk about their contents.

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Vishal Shah is the founder and CEO of optiinfo.com, a web development company which provide highly specialized in website designing services and iPhone application development