Why do good things happen to bad people?

An arrogant, cruel actor wins an Academy Award while many seemingly more deserving, talented actors never get noticed.

A ruthless business tycoon successfully builds a billion dollar empire while many ethical business owners fail.

The nasty broad who drinks and smokes lives a long life, while the ever-pleasant sweetheart who leads a very healthy lifestyle dies of cancer at a young age.

A two-faced sociopath inherits $20 million while other people are penniless.

Your enemy, a backstabbing, dishonest, terrible human being, gets the job you wanted.

The demonic, menace to society couple has two beautiful children, while you can’t get pregnant.

A promiscuous woman falls in love and enjoys a wonderful marriage while many good girls are unable to find Mr. Right.

The reasons for these seemingly unfair situations vary, but below are some possible explanations.

1) The person might not be as bad as you perceive them to be. Contrary to what a surprising large number of people believe, sleeping around doesn’t make you a bad person unless you’re intentionally hurting someone or yourself in the process.

There’s no such thing as a puritanical love fairy that rewards celibate people with good relationships.

How well do you know the billionaire who is alleged to be heartless or the actor who isn’t known for his interpersonal skills? Despite what you hear in the media, if you’ve never met someone, it’s impossible to know their personality.

2) Good and bad things happen to all people. Not getting what you want in life is not a punishment; our findings show it’s merely not part of your predestination in this life. Getting what you work for is rewarding, but you may not always get what you want. Your soul has lived many lives, not just one. This life is not a stand-alone experience.

3) No one gets away with anything. Even though it may sometimes seem like only good things happen to people who do bad things, this is only your perception and they’ll have to balance their actions eventually, usually not until future lives.

4) A pact with the devil. Just as it’s possible to call upon positive helpers of the Light, such as angels and guides, for insight and assistance in reaching your goals, you can do the same with dark or demonic entities. Caution! While help from the Light is unconditional, it’s anything but with the dark side; you’ll be enslaved to them indefinitely.

5) Is it luck? You make your own “luck” through hard work and determination. If someone is behaving badly, rest assured they are creating plenty of bad “luck” for their future incarnations.

6) It’s karmic. Just as you can only see the tip of a giant iceberg above the water, sometimes all the effort that went into a certain goal is not obvious. Many “over night successes” took lifetimes of effort. The general inclination of your life circumstances today is based on your past life, and or in-between life actions.

While it may sometimes seem like there’s no use in being a good person because good things happen to bad people, don’t follow their examples; treat others well and you’ll create positive situations for your future.

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