New Zealand is a vast Island Nation on the Pacific Ocean, which is near to Australia. It has North Island and the South Island has one of the unique biodiversities of this world. It is a popular place for the Southern Alps and the southern lights. It is an international tourist destination for Island tour, nature tour, honeymoon tour, and adventure tour. You can visit New Zealand in all seasons. It is a tourist-friendly place. Its coordinates are 40.9006° South and 174.8860° east.

You must check your New Zealand tour package includes the below-mentioned six places to see.

1.Coronet Peak

Your New Zealand trip will be extra special when you visit the Coronet Peak during the winter season. This is the finest time for skiing and snowboarding. There are many ski resorts, which you can book in advance and spend your ski vacation. The beginners can learn to ski from its ski training centers present here. June to September is the best time to visit for skiing.

2.Kepler Track

You must reach the South Island to take this nature trail. This trekking trip will be extra special as you can pass through a wide variety of geographical landscape. You will be trekking through Lake Te Anau, Luxmore Saddle, Forrest Burn, Lake Manapouri, Waiau River, and rainforest areas. There is much permitted camping sites, where you can take a rest and complete the Kepler Track.

3.Lake Rotorua

This is a vast crater lake present in North Island. It is a scenic lake to do water adventure sports. The lake water, streams, and bay are the places to enjoy swimming, white water rafting, trout fishing, and kayaking. It has hot springs, where you can take a natural spa. You can go boating and spend your leisure time too. You can visit this lake in all seasons is its specialty.

4.Mount Maunganui

This is a 761-ft mount peak in Bay of Plenty in North Island. It is a popular climbing and trekking trail for the tourists and adventure seekers. This is an accessible peak with fewer difficulties. You can have a scenic view of the beach, sea, and Tauranga Harbour. You can also try to hang gliding to see its panoramic view of this mount and its plain land. You can stay in a beach resort and enjoy the mountain trail.

5.Nelson Lakes National Park

You must reach Tasman District to see this National Park. You can go here as a day trip and enjoy its Rotoiti and Rotoroa Lakes. Boating on these lakes is permitted for tourists. You can camp in this park and enjoy Mother Nature. This is the best place for fishing in these lakes and streams. This park is spread across 393.4 sq mi area. The adventure seekers can go for mountain biking and mountain trekking. This is an extra special place to enjoy nature and do some sporting activities once in your New Zealand trip.

6.Tasman Glacier

This is a scenic mountain glacier in South Island. You will be at an elevation of 9,800-ft when you reach the glacier. It is an ice glacier in the winter season. This is the sight for heli-skiing once in New Zealand. You must visit in-between July to September for glacier skiing. You can go for a boating ride in the summer season. You can see the beauty of the Southern Alps from this region. You must carry trekking kit, woolen clothes, boots, and cameras for your comfortable trekking.

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