If you agree that red lipstick is the ultimate shade to go for to complete the red carpet look, then you are a hardcore makeup enthusiast. Even the #best makeup artist will agree with you without a doubt.
As women we all wish to flaunt our best look with that perfect shade of red lips that will look irresistible to all, isn’t it?
But not all of us have the confidence to wear that flawless shade of red on our lips or have no idea how to find one that suits us perfectly. Unisex Salon in Lucknow
Well, you have come to the right place. Here are 6 priceless tips to guide you to find the perfect shade of red lipstick and the ways that help you carry it effortlessly:
Find your perfect shade of red:
Finding your skin undertone will make it easy for you to choose the right shade of red lipstick. If you have a warm skin undertone (slightly wheatish, tanned, olive kinds) then go for warm shades of red lipsticks like orangey reds. It will make you look amazing. The same shade will make a fair person look loud and make their teeth look yellow.
If you have a darker skin tone, then you can choose red lipsticks with a more blue undertone. The darker and deeper shades of red fall under this category.
Then there are cooler tones of red lipstick that go perfectly with almost all kinds of skin undertones. These shades will make your teeth look whiter and make you look like a million bucks if worn with the right kind of makeup!
You can go to your nearest makeup store and find out the correct shade of red lipstick most suited to your skin tone with the help of testers. On the other hand, you may consult the #best makeup artist in your town for the same. Parlour Course in Lucknow
Tips to Wear the Red Lipstick Perfectly
Make your skin tone even:
Before applying red lipstick, it is always a good idea to even out your skin tone. It will help cover spots, pigmentation or redness on your face.
An even skin tone will enhance the red lipstick look tremendously!
Less is more:
When applying red lipstick keep the rest of the makeup light. Avoid putting on a heavy foundation or heavy eye makeup along with red lipstick.
Too much makeup will not make it look classy. Less is definitely more when it comes to putting on makeup along with red lipstick.
Right time of the day:
Wearing the right shade of red lipstick according to the time of the day is most essential to creating the desired look.
A classic shade of red lipstick with a cool undertone is perfect for the day time. Liquid lipsticks in matte shades of red go perfectly for an evening or a cocktail look.
Mind the lip line:
If you are wearing the red lipstick during day time, then soften the look by blurring the lip line with the brush tip.

For a more formal look during the evening, you may sharpen the lip line to create a more dramatic look. Makeup Parlour in Lucknow
Tips to Wear the Red Lipstick Perfectly
Let your confidence speak:
Wear red lipstick with great confidence. The look will be complete when you exude tonnes of confidence and look at ease with wearing the red shade.
It will make people take notice of you and fetch you loads of compliments too!
Go all out and flaunt that perfect shade of red and live your dream for real!


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