India is home to several destinations that are just like an image created out of paradise. Ladakh is one of them. Being one of the most captivating places not only in India but on the earth, it boasts unparalleled beauty that will make you fall in love with it. It is an amalgamation of everything beautiful and blissful. Whether you are looking for adventure or some solitude, Ladakh can always be your refuge. It takes the meaning of surreal on just another level. So, if you want to escape the monotonous life, then head to Ladakh and do check Ladakh tour packages to have the perfect experiences at your service.

6 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Ladakh For Blissful Vacation

1. Pangong Lake

While Kashmir has its own charm, Ladakh treats its guests in a unique manner. It has something for all kinds of travelers. The first place that comes to mind while thinking about Ladakh is Pangong lake. The lake is so clear that you won’t believe your eyes on the first go. You will have three shades of blue in the lake and the surroundings will totally leave you spellbound. The lake was also featured in the movie 3 idiots.

2. Magnetic Hill

Once you have seen the beautiful side of Ladakh, get ready to witness its adventurous side. Magnetic hill is one of the most enthralling places to visit in Ladakh. The hill has an anti-gravitational effect that will leave you in curiosity and trigger the sci-fi side of yours. It is said that, if you switch off the engine of your car while on this hill, it still moves upwards which is actually magical.

3. Leh Palace

You cannot leave Ladakh without visiting the grand Leh Palace. The palace stands proudly as the epitome of the glory of the hill station. Inside the palace, you will find out the lifestyle of the royal families that inhabited the palace. The palace has its own grandeur that will leave you awestruck but the real beauty lies on the top. From the top of the palace, you will get to witness panoramic views of the city of Leh which is a sight to behold!

4. Khardungla Pass

One of the highest passes in the world awaits you in Ladakh! Yes, Khardungla pass is the second highest motorable road in the world. While the journey to the pass is itself thrilling, the destination is even more mesmerizing. Covered by snow from all sides, it will lift your spirits like never before and it can best be experienced with amazing Ladakh tour packages. It is also home to the world’s highest cafe, that is, Rinchen cafe. The pass is also good for instagrammable pictures.

5. Zanskar Valley

Ladakh is home to beautiful valleys and one of them is Zanskar valley. The valley is known to offer scenic views and soul-soothing experiences. It is even more popular for its adventurous trekking trails and monasteries that will give you an offbeat experience. It offers a beautiful backdrop of snow-capped peaks.

6. Nubra Valley

If you thought Ladakh is all about deserts and drylands, then you are wrong. Nubra valley is one of the most green places in Ladakh that will rejuvenate you to some other level. It is home to lush greenery all around and offers attractions like hot springs and sand dunes that will excite you even more. The landscapes there are nothing less than heaven on earth.

If you are looking for a place that will satiate your wanderlust in complete sense, then it is Ladakh. It has so much to offer that you will be left spoilt for choice with customizable Ladakh holiday tour packages. It is a place that will compel you to stay there forever.

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