Starting a new business is a lot of hard work. The biggest hurdle that is faced by most of the people looking to start a new business is the financial investment. Most of the businesses require huge financial investment but the advent of the internet has made it possible to start online businesses that do not require any initial financial investment. Starting online business requires some time but if you have the patience then you will soon have a profitable business without making any investments.

Here are some of the businesses you can start without spending any money.

Recruitment Agency:

If you are looking to start an online business then a recruitment agency is agency is a good choice. The business requires a lot of work but you do not need to invest any money while starting a recruiting company. You will need to have a lot of patience because you need to build connections with companies that need to hire people. You also need to give it some time so that you can build trust. The business can be started from a house. All you need is an internet connection, phone connection, and a few contacts. You can build contacts over the time.

Starting a Blog:

Starting a blog is one of the best ways to make money online. You can start a blog without spending any money. The blog that you start without any money offers all the essential features that are required to create an effective blog. You can monetize the blog by using the respective ad network. Starting on a free platform will limit the potential of earning money but it is a good way of getting followers. Once you have the good following then you will be able to make the blog profitable.


Freelancing is an excellent way of making use of your skills and earning money without any initial financial investment. You can earn good money by trying your hand at freelance writing. You do not need to have an English major to try your hand at writing. If you are good at writing you should create a profile on freelance job sites. There are several sites you can use to get freelancing jobs. You can also offer freelancing services for web designing as well. Once you have gained experience as a freelancer you can increase the income.

Consultancy Business:

Starting a consultancy business does not require any initial financial investment. You can set up a website and offer your expertise to other people. If you are an IT expert or an SEO expert then you can offer your services to businesses that need help regarding the SEO of the business. You can earn money by just providing your advice and help then in creating effective strategies to help their business. You need to identify your strong area and use it to earn money. You can start a consultancy firm offering help on matters of personal finance, marketing, branding etc. Once you have built trust and good contacts then you can expand your business and earn more.

Offering Virtual Assistance:

The Internet has so many opportunities to offer. You can also earn online money by working as virtual assistance. There are so many small businesses that do not have the time or resources to handle all of the areas of the business. They often hire people to make sure that the job responsibilities are handled carefully. If you have good marketable skills then you can utilize them and earn money. You can handle several roles such as online marketing, report writing, responding to emails etc.

Forex Trading:

It is a high-risk business but it can also be pretty rewarding. If you have excellent analytical skills and have excellent knowledge about the cash flow then you should try your luck at forex trading. You should also have good knowledge of the exchange market. If you want some basic direction then you can always take some help from video tutorials. The free tutorials can help in becoming a professional.

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