The epitome of a luxurious property does not just have a well-appointed property. Rather, it has all the amenities that make the owner feel spoiled or lavished.

fiberglass swimming pool

Think extremely extravagant while adding luxury to the property.

With luxury comes conveniences such as in-home gyms, fiberglass swimming pools, tennis courts, fully stocked kitchens and gaming zones. Here are the top six home ideas to attempt to replicate a luxury apartment at a lower scale.

1. Spa Styled Luxurious Bathrooms

What is the first and foremost thing that you notice when you step into a luxury boutique property? It is mostly the washrooms.

Some homebuyers are willing to have that luxury spa-style bathroom on their property. Thus, if you are developing a luxury property, then make sure to add the following things to the bathroom, including a heated floor, walk-in showers, towel warmers, huge bathtubs and even the head-to-toe shower jets.

2. A Fully-Equipped Gymnasium

If you can afford a private fitness center in your home, then why step out in public? However, the requirement of having a home gym would include plenty of space for separate fitness areas, including weights and equipment. It must also include a built-in wireless speaker, sauna section, television, and even an indoor fiberglass swimming pool for every post-workout-relaxation period.

3. A Stocked Up Kitchen And Wine Cellar

Undoubtedly, the kitchen is the heart of every house. However, to have a luxurious vibe from your kitchen, you need to make it magnificent. Having a commercial-grade kitchen with all types of appliances is necessary for creating a million-dollar property. A perfect kitchen will always have warming drawers, restaurant-type appliances, a wine refrigerator and a walk-in pantry with a lot of storage.

4. Gaming Room And A Theater

Gaming rooms and a theater have always been seen in luxury properties. And just like the saying - “old is gold” - the idea of having these recreational rooms is old but is still a good one. The more luxurious, the more the amenities in the property, such as indoor fiberglass swimming pools, basketball courts, liquor storage space and an extravagant sports bar with a significantly large television. The idea behind having an essentially unique and full of facilities space is to develop the feeling of never leaving the comfort of the home.

5. Outdoor Kitchens And Fiberglass Inground Pool
Having a fully stocked indoor kitchen is not enough for those who seek luxury in their living. Most luxury homeowners seek the comforts of having a cozy outdoor kitchen area. The ideal amenities of this kitchen would include a sink, gas grill, food preparation area, storage space for drinks and fridge all across the lavish stone patio seating area.

A large rectangle fiberglass pool, changing cabanas, and hot tubs are also top of the lavish property amenities list. The leisure life is made easy and fun with the luxurious property.

6. Hi-Tech Amenities

Do not shy away from increasing a lot of technical innovations in your property. Currently, the homeowners want everything in technology, and most of the builders cater to these amenities and become the highest ranked agent in the real estate industry.

You can now lock the doors, control lights, control home temperature and control the alarm system with just a touch of a button. These are some essential features that every luxury home buyer is looking for.

Also, the trend of creating a property with reclaimed materials is increasing with time. Hence, homeowners are looking more and more for properties that use old reclaimed materials such as doors, wood beams and wood flooring.

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