Since a very long time, tribal earrings are worn by ancient women across the world. Women have a fondness for earrings since primitive ages. The indigenous format has been conserved by the tribal people for their ornaments.

Tribal earrings consist of wood, clay, metal, teeth, bones and other such natural materials found in large quantities by people living in tribal areas.
Tribal earrings have homely and earthy charm while giving elegant look. Women across the globe still get tempted by their simple yet elegant look. Tribal earrings do not contain skirmish of gold, diamond, or solitaire, it just has a homely charm that keeps tribal earrings in a genus of its own. This is a major reason why tribal earrings are becoming a center of attraction at the college campus and social evenings.

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Here we are listing 6 most-famous types of tribal earrings which can make their way to your vanity box.


Bastar earrings consist of wood, grass, copper, silver, cane and natural beads. These earrings belong to a tribe of Bastar which is a district in Madhya Pradesh. The Dhokra and Bell metal is used by the artisans to make these beautiful pair of ornaments. The artifacts prepared from the Dhokra method use paddy husk, red soil, beeswas and cow dung.

The lost-wax technique is also used by artisans of Bastar tribe to make beautiful earrings. Women can get tribal earrings online on some websites.


These earrings belong to Banjara tribe of Rajasthan which is a nomadic group. Women of this tribe prefer ornaments that are engraved with metal, mirrors, beads, coins and shells. Rajasthani tribal silver earrings are the next best popular thing.


The Bhutia tribe of Sikkim is known for its beautiful and detailed designs of tribal earrings. These earrings generally consist of gold, silver, turquoise and coral.
The women of Bhutia are majorly fond of gold and only 24 karat of gold was used in making ornaments of Bhutia but to price and affordability factor, they have switched to a more pocket-friendly type of silver ornaments.


Karka Gallong earrings belong to a tribe of Arunachal Pradesh and Karka Gallong tribes. They wear iron rings as earrings which are done to match their belt embossed with metal. Beads are commonly used in their ornaments.

Sometimes these earrings are coated with silver to make women look elegant and beautiful wearings these tribal silver earrings of Arunachal Pradesh.

The women of Karka Gallong tribe wear heavily bead studded jewellery and flawlessly made iron coil rings as earrings. Two more tribes of Arunachal Pradesh are Wachau and Rengami tribes. Watch tribe uses seeds, beetles, cane and bamboo to make these types of earrings. The tribe of Rengami wears earrings made up of flowers in their ears. Red blossoms are more famous among the Rengami community.


This type of earrings belongs to tribes of Chamba, Kangra, Kullu and Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. These earrings are loved by almost all women of India. The tribal community of Himachal Pradesh believes silver ornaments protect the women from negative vibes and evil spirits.


These are various forms of conventional forms of Bengali jewellery such as Mantasha, Kaan, Tikli, Chik but the Dhokra art is a quirky tribal art presentation from traditional metal-smiths of West Bengal. These Dhokra earrings belong to the tribes of Maukhali that makes Dhokra artistry so popular.

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