Gujarat traditional jewellery styles represent a perfect blend of both modern and ancient traditions that have shaped the state.

Just like its culture, its traditional jewellery comes in a remarkable variety. From chunky silver bangles and armlets to traditional silver earrings, nose pins or nathinis, pendants or rani haar necklaces and anklets, Gujarat has it all.

Here’s a list of Famous styles of traditional jewellery of Gujarat and everything you need to know about them.

Silver Armlet (Known as Bajuband)

A silver armlet is worn on the upper arm by the women. And because Gujarat is famous for its silver jewellery, this style is also made with pure and/or oxidized or German silver.

In some areas, men and women also wear Patla bangles. These are the big silver bangles that are crafted in Meenakari work and are adorned with gemstones, pearls, kundan, etc.

Worn by both men and women, bajuband or Patla bangles are a must-have style of Gujarat jewellery for every woman.

But do you know why oxidized silver is used to make the armlets?

This is because it is cheaper than pure silver metal, therefore, doesn’t cut a hole in the pockets of the people.

Nath or Nose Pin

Nathini or Nose pin, also known as Kil in Gujarati consists of a big golden ring and a chain that can be tied to the hair.

Usually adorned by women at weddings and festive occasions, a traditional Nath consists of a precious/semi-precious gemstone such as Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Diamond, etc.

Made with silver metal, nath or nose pin comes in a variety of designs.

While some women prefer a small stud, some like to wear a big nose pin adorned with floral work.

Waist Belt (Known as Kandora)

This is a type of waist jewellery.
Usually worn by the women on a festive occasion or a wedding, it makes for a beautiful style that any Gujarat woman (or even any woman for that matter) can include in her jewellery collection.

Made with silver, this Gujrat jewellery style elevates the overall appeal of a woman’s look.

Necklace (Known as Rani Haar)

A traditional style worn by the brides of Gujarat, this style comes with a royal appeal that is just perfect to accentuate the bride’s look with a statement yet subtle charm.

Mathapatti (Known as Damini)

This is a type of head jewellery that is worn by a bride at her wedding.

A traditional Damini consists of a maang tikka embossed with flora motifs and gemstones. It also contains side strings that are tied to the hair.

Kundan Batti Earrings

These are the earrings consist of hair chains that pass over the crown of the head. One of the most worn earrings styles by the Gujarati women, this style from jewellery of Gujrat comes in a lot of flattering styles.

So, these were top 6 Gujrat jewellery styles that are famous all over India.

Which type of Gujarat jewellery did you like the most? Drop comments and let us know your favorite pick.

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