LASIK is one of the common and popular techniques used for vision correction. LASIK stands for "Laser Assisted-In-Situ-Keratomileusis", which is one of the effective vision correction surgeries. The technique was introduced in the early ’90s. It is the most popular surgical method used to correct farsightedness, near-sightedness, and astigmatism. LASIK is entirely safe and has high patient satisfaction and success rate.

How To Evaluate If I Am Eligible For Lasik Eye Surgery?
Before undergoing LASIK, it is essential to be eligible for LASIK. Your LASIK surgeon will perform some tests to assess corneal shape and strength and then determine whether you are eligible for LASIK or not.

Several conditions are taken into consideration while deciding the eligibility. For a suitable candidate for LASIK eye surgery, the person must be:

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18 years or above
Should have an appropriate corneal thickness for surgery
Have stable glass power
No history of any eye disease, scarring, or infection
Should not be suffering from autoimmune diseases like HIVs, AIDS, Rheumatoid arthritis
Should not be pregnant or nursing
Do I Feel A Pain During Or After Lasik Eye Surgery?
The eye surgeon uses the anaesthetic drops in your eyes when performing the surgery. It will give a numbing effect to the eyes. So you will not feel any pain at the time of surgery. Overall, the surgery is painless.

You may experience mild pain after completion of surgery once the numbness effect wears off. The doctor will prescribe some medications and eye drops after surgery. A routinme pain killer can be taken if required.

How Will My Ophthalmologist Perform Lasik Eye Surgery?
An experienced and trained surgeon performs the surgery. The highly computer-guided lasers reshape the eye to focus the light correctly on the back of the eye at the retina.

Firstly, to ensure a painless process, the surgeon will administer the anaesthetic eye drops in the eye. It is to numb the eyes. Then a small eyelid clip is placed on the lids to prevent them from closing.

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The surgeon will use the femtosecond laser to create a thin "flap" within the third layer of the cornea.The flap is then folded back. It is done to allow a surgeon to access the stroma (underlying cornea). Using the computer-guided laser, a beam of laser removes the small part of the cornea.It is done to reshape the cornea.

Once laser surgery is completed, the light is focussed accurately on the retina. Then optic nerves transmit the message to the brain to convert it into a clear image.

Do I Need To Have A Concern About The Risk Of Lasik Eye Surgery?
The risks associated with LASIK are generally negligible if the preoperative tests are performed well.

The theoretical risk associated with LASIK is flap complications.

You may experience the following minor side effects post-surgery:

Dryness of eyes
Mild pain
Itching or burning in the eye
The white part of eyes may appear red for few days
Sensitivity to light, glares, and haloes surrounding lights
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These are uncommon with Advanced LASIK procedures such as Contoura and will get better within a week.

How Much Time It Takes For Complete Recovery After Lasik Eye Surgery?
Most patients have clear vision within 24 hours, and some take 36-48 hours. You will need to visit your doctor within 24-48 hours of surgery. During the first post-operative visit, the doctor will examine your eye and check your vision. The doctor will also prescribe you certain medications (eye drops)

What Results Can I Expect After Lasik Eye Surgery?
Most patients experience improvement in their vision immediately after the surgery and it further improves within the first week. You may also feel some grittiness or irritation in the eyes just after the surgery. Mild occasional blurry vision might be there in a few patients, but it is temporary and usually settles within a few days. For best results, always follow your doctor’s advice and administer the medications as per the schedule.

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