6 Months After Breakup Still Crying: It Has Been Six Months And I Still Cry About My Ex Who Dumped Me

If you're currently dealing with a breakup, chances are you're feeling a myriad of different emotions. From anger and depression to defeat, confusion and rejection - breaking up usually inspires a roller-coaster ride of emotions. At times it can be easy to feel as if you will never get through this breakup and feel happy or normal again, but you will! Here are some tips for coping with breakups.

Finding a Support Network -

Support is one of the things that will keep you from going crazy at this difficult time in your life. Whether you seek support from individuals close to you such as your friends and family or you seek it elsewhere, it's vital to the healing process. Join a support group of other individuals who are having a difficult time coping with breakups, talk to a counselor or therapist or just have your friends over and talk about the things that are most upsetting to you. Don't underestimate the power of venting and talking about the things that are bothering you. Finding a support network is one of the most important tips for coping with breakups!

Focusing Your Attention Elsewhere -

Since the breakup, thoughts of your ex, the relationship, the rejection or other things centering on the breakup have probably dominated your mind. This is one reason it's so difficult to get over a breakup. One of the most important tips for coping with breakups is to find something else to focus your attention on.

For instance, you may decide to volunteer at a local charity to help individuals in need; you may decide to start a business and throw your passions into making it a success or you might just focus on yourself a little more. A new exercise and diet routine can really help and will also help you feel great about yourself. Focusing your attention elsewhere will really help you get over the breakup and find new meaning in life.

Get Out and Enjoy Life -

While you will probably need some time to accept things and feel crummy for a while, it's also important to get out and enjoy life. Hiding from the world will not help you cope with a breakup and will not help you heal. Call up your friends and go out with them on the weekends. Visit places you've always wanted to visit; take some classes or something else. When you get out and enjoy your life, it's easier to find the good in every situation. It will also help you heal more quickly!

Although breaking up is very difficult and getting over the emotional baggage you're left with can be even harder - it can be done. People do it all the time! After a while, you will realize that every cloud has a silver lining and there is a reason for everything. Keep this in your mind as you heal and keep a positive mindset. Before long, you will feel happy and healthy once again! Using the tips and tricks above, you can speed that healing and feel great sooner.

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While most people tend to make efforts to win their ex back into their lives after having a not-so-pleasant breakup, have you thought how you would feel if your ex started missing you and came back on their own? To tell the truth, this is a serious possibility if you know what moves you have to make.

One thing is for sure, you will have to make things turnaround quite dramatically if you want your ex to start missing you. After the breakup your ex is upset and depressed, so don't even think about calling her or trying to meet her. That can turn out to be disastrous!

In fact, you have to arouse feelings of respect and honor in your ex's heart about you. So maintain some dignity and apply the 'no contact' rule. Rather than begging your ex to return you will be better off staying away from her so that what little self-respect you have remains intact.

So, how are you going to get your ex to miss you? It's simple. You don't call your ex after the breakup, so your ex will start noticing this change in your behavior. Soon your ex's sentiments will change towards you. Tension and loneliness will quickly follow feelings of anger and disappointment and your ex will start itching to get in contact with you to check if you feel the same as she does.

However, getting your ex back asks something more of you than merely avoiding contact. You need to do some soul searching yourself while your ex starts to see things differently. It is a good idea to reassess the breakup and rectify all those mistakes that you committed. By making a few changes in the way you live, you can successfully send a strong message to your ex that you've changed.

Make sure that your ex hears about you or even sees your new changed self, but keep the breakup out of any discussion. Soon enough, your ex will be tossing in her bed at nights wishing she hadn't broken up with you. And from there on, it will be easy for you to get your ex back.

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It's extremely difficult after your relationship has fallen apart to believe that you can make your ex miss you like crazy. It is equally as difficult to believe that you will ever get out of the state of misery that you are in and actually feel normal again. You are like a broken person at the moment - your partner of a long time has walked out and all your dreams of a happy life together are a thing of the past.

Even though it may seem that your broken heart is going to stay this way forever, force yourself to think positively and keep telling yourself that, it you do things the right way, you WILL feel like a normal person again, and there IS a chance to make your ex miss you like crazy. So what is a person to do to make this happen?

Well, as you know, you and your ex are not at all happy with each other at the moment. The argument you had was really messy and left you both feeling very resentful and bitter towards each other. Obviously, before you can even think of trying to fix things together, you need to stay away from each other to let yourselves cool off first. Do this and you will be proving to your ex that you respect his/her needs enough to allow him/her the space needed to get over the break up.

This will benefit your situation in two ways. First of all, both you and your ex will have time to get over the bad feelings that are inside you at the moment - without this happening, you will have no chance to make your ex miss you like crazy. Secondly, once those bad feelings are a thing of the past, it will be a natural for your ex to start missing you. To begin with, your ex will simply begin to feel more positively about you.

The more you stay away from your ex however, will result in your ex thinking about you more and more, eventually missing you so much that he/she will not be able to resist the urge to make contact with you.

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You like your ex, in fact you still love your ex but you just don't know the right time to bare your heart. This is as confusing as telling a total stranger you love them. However, if you follow the following seven steps it will be much easier and will yield positive results.

Not in the heat of the moment
The first precaution that you have to take is make sure that you don't immediately call your ex after the breakup and tell them you love them. If you did that he/she will question your very decision to breakup and that will not be nice. Instead let some time pass and let the tempers on either side cool down.

Let him/her reconnect with you first
The more time you spend without contacting him/her that much the better. Your ex will eventually forget the events that led to the breakup and will want to know your whereabouts. He/she will also try and reconnect with you and when that happens, don't act high and mighty instead agree to speak to your ex on and off.

Get busy with your social life
The thing that you were waiting for has happened and this should take away the heavy load off your chest. Now is the time to have a busy social life. Get going with your friends and colleagues and have a very busy life. However, do keep in touch with your ex and give them an update on all that is happening

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Include your ex in your life
If your ex notices that you are having fun he/she too will want to join in and have a good time. Well, the mouse has walked into the trap. This is the moment you were waiting for. Include him/her in your life and make sure he/she too has a good time. This will draw your ex closer to you.

Get closer to someone else
As your ex gets closer to you it will be time for some shock therapy. Surprise your ex by getting a little closer to a member from your group. Be seen with this person and spend more time with this guy/gal than you spend with your ex or other friends. This will make your ex immensely jealous.

Let your ex chase you for a while
As your ex begins to sense that you will be gone forever if they don't make a move they will begin to court you or woo you aggressively. Give them mixed signals and let them chase you for some time.

Now take your call
Once you are reasonably sure that your ex has reached the breaking point give them a lift and start flirting with them too. From now on you will have to give them equal attention. In all probability your ex will themselves confess that they still love you. All you have to do is reciprocate in a similar manner.

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