Tradeshows are an important opportunity to showcase your product and company In front of large visitors. Many people think tradeshows are just another way of wasting money because they do no work. That is not it. Over 17000 visitors look at giveaway annually and more than 600 items are ordered for tradeshow under 1 $, impacting 60% of the businesses positively
No one can deny the importance of tradeshows in Vancouver, Canada, or any other region, the thing is how do you make the most of these tradeshows, how great your strategies are to drive maximum traffic to your booth, and above all and how effectively you interact with the customer leaving no stone unturned doing business with you in future.

Budget-friendly Promotional Products in Vancouver Canada You Should Consider For Your Next Tradeshow
Why most business owners could not gain their goals through tradeshow despite spending a large amount of money is because of their poor product selection. Here is a list of 6 low-cost promotional products for your next trade show that will leave a lasting impression on your business.

1. Pens
Custom pens are one of the most effective promotional products you can use in a tradeshow. They are a triple thread promotional item: usable, durable, and portable. You know how widely they are used around us, students, teachers, office workers all use them all day long. Pens with your company logo and an attractive message can turn the visitors of the tradeshow into your permanent customers.

2. Tote bags
Non-woven tote bag is the most popular tradeshow giveaway you can use for your brand promotion. It is also an eco-friendly and very durable item. Around 50% of the customers like to do business with the company they get promotional bags from. So, include tote bags as a promotional product if you are planning to be a part of the next tradeshow. These bags will increase your brand visibility in public places and eventually draw in more potential customers.

3. Custom journal
Despite the rapid advancement in technology, there is an increase in the use of a notebook over the past few years. Especially, millennials love using them for taking necessary notes. You can draw both younger and older generations to your brand by using a customize journal as a giveaway.

4. Power Banks
You might have been in a situation where you had to make a necessary call but your smartphone battery was dead. I know how annoying and frustrating this may seem to you and how eagerly you would be searching for a power bank to charge your smartphone. Interestingly, you have an opportunity in the form of a tradeshow to keep people away from such situations as well as increase your brand exposure and boost your business by distributing power banks as a promotional item.
According to states, promotional power banks are kept an average of 12 months. This shows its longevity and functionality. Overall, this is a great item to include in your promotional items list.

5. Headwear
Headwear is one of the most effective low-cost promotional items you can use for your next tradeshow. More than 60% of the consumers keep their promotional headwear considering them attractive and useful. A notable thing is they create about 3000 impressions in a year increasing the chances of a product’s success. Hats, caps hoods, headscarves, and bonnets with company logo can a walking advertisement for your company.

6. T-shirts
When it comes to apparel, there is no better option than T-shirts to use in a tradeshow to showcase your business. It is an item that will never end up in the trash bin. It is affordable, easy to customize, and never goes out of style. This increases their functionality which will help in upholding your brand image.

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Neil Smith is an experienced graphic designer, currently living in Ottawa Canada, who tries to bring a range of art and design disciplines to every project he works on. He has a bachelor’s in fine arts degree in graphic design from Carleton University. He loves fusing smart concepts with creative, and standard-based designs.