Idea’s from Robert Holden’s Keynote Speech & his Book “Authentic Success”

Robert Holden Author of “Authentic Success” – In this video I share Robert’s 6 keys to Success… great notes I took from the ‘I can Do It” Conference in Toronto where I saw him speak live.

#1- Know who you are
Hold onto the gorgeousness of who you are. Start a spiritual practice to practice being yourself.

#2 – Vision
Remember what is real. The world is speeding up but the chase for success is taking longer and longer. SLOW DOWN!
Ask yourself:
• What is true in my life?
• What is important?
• What do I love?
• What is my joy?
• What do I want to be?
• What do I want to do with my wild and crazy life?
The faster you run the more you get lost.

#3- Learn how to discern between fake business and true purpose
Permanent business = confusion and distraction.
The purpose of your life is not to be as busy as possible. Business is the biggest obstacle to spiritual growth. Chinese definition of business – heart + killing.
Ask yourself:
• How do I make myself unnecessarily busy?
• What do I lose when I am permanently busy?
• What does my business defend me against? Control- God?
• What good things could happen if I was less busy?

#4 – Have a definition of success
Connect with your heart. Meditate for 30 minutes each day. Success is not about driving harder its about letting go of what’s blocking your heart.
Life is hard when we have a success contract with the Ego.
Let the personality relax so that the soul can come out and do it’s work.
Its often in the parts of your life that you working the hardest that work the least.
We have to move from ambition to meaning.

#5 – Forgiveness
Failure isn’t fatal it just feels that way sometimes. Every failure is a sign up for higher learning. Have basic trust that life doesn’t happen TO you it happens FOR you.

#6 – Purpose Principal
If your definition of success has no LOVE in it, get another one! Dedicate your life to Love.

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