6 Key Ingredients To Blogging

No matter what topic you are blogging about, it requires a few key areas to appeal to the ideal target audience. For starters if you try to include the following 6 components, you are on your way to better blogging.

1.A catchy title that grabs attention and briefly summarises what readers will expect to find within the article.
2.Create a short link (permalink) that reflects the topic of the blog. An easy solution is to use the blog title, as shown below.

3.Headings and subheadings that allow a reader to browse through the article with ease, as the highlighted text signifies what the paragraph is about and will give the reader a justification for why they should continue reading.
4.Graphics, diagrams or illustrations that bring the words to life. Visual and written stimulus work together seamlessly to provide a condensed article that demonstrates the subject in a clear and succinct way through the use of imagery.
5.Featured image is a picture that represents what your blog is about and will be displayed where the blog link is shared via social media channels or wherever the blog is featured.

6.Meta description is part of the SEO process; this is the black text underneath a title in a search result, this requires a condensed version of your article in under 156 characters.

7.Before publishing a post, always proofread your writing. It never hurts to get a fresh pair of eyes scanning through your article to pick out any typos or mistakes that you perhaps didn’t recognize.

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