The current world is tending to more and more digitalization. Calculators are replaced by computers, switches are replaced by IOT devices, every other controlling device would be replaced by smartphones. And what do you think would replace the traditional marketing - "Digital Marketing"
Future is all about reaching the customer online. There won't be bill boards.... there will be Facebook posts that reach everyone. Information won't be sent via flyers rather e-mails would do the work. And search engines would influence the human decisions. Online reviews dominate the mouth of word. Asking Google would be comfortable than asking another person.
So, marketer be ready to upgrade your skills. These are the skills that every marker should be equipped with -
1. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
2. Content Marketing
3. Social Media Marketing(SMM)
4. PPC (or Google Ads)
5. Email Marketing
6. Affiliate Marketing
SEO is optimizing the website for users and search engines to maximize the visibility and ranking of a webpage that is present on WWW. Content marketing is marketing your digital presence via content on different platforms.
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Digital Marketing simply defined as an umbrella including all internet or online marketing activities that helps in the brand promotion or lead generation in such competitive business environment.