Habits, whether professional or personal are cultivated, no one is born with them. Though we can't negate the importance of professional habits, but personal habits hold a lot of importance when it comes to living a healthy and successful life. They define you and your life. Well, it influences relationships too. And sometimes it helps build a good profession as well. Many sportsperson have revealed that their good hygienic practices have made them successful in their respective careers.
So are you skipping these habits...you better not. Check out the list below.

Rinse Hands After Going To The bathroom
As kids, our parents always asked us to rinse our hands well and as adults we ask others to do the same. During those childhood days and even today we skip using a soap or a hand wash and use only water. Do you think it is the right technique? No, it isn't. When one rinses his hands with a soap, he removes bacteria, dirt and germs coming in contact. Using a good soap or hand wash, lathering it up to the wrists and beyond with special attention to the nails is the right way to wash hands and keep one clean and healthy.

Floss the Teeth
We have been doing it ever since we remember, but are we doing it right? It's actually the technique that holds the key to hygienic teeth and hence mouth. One must brush teeth properly at least two times in a day, though doctors suggest doing this after every meal. Apart from this, brush your tongue when you brush your teeth to avert any bacterial build up and hence bad breath. Food debris, bacteria and other stuff get collected in the nooks and corners and sometimes tonsils. Gargle with salt water to get rid of them and henceforth any chances of bad breath.

Well, there are people who would suggest against taking a shower every day. But considering the fact that our environment is so polluted and some people have such an active life, we should take a shower every day. It is vital to take a shower after a hard gym session. Use an antibacterial body soap. Similarly, you should wash your hair when you feel they have got dirty, irrespective of what people say. Keeping them in a dirty state can invite skin infections and more problems. Talking about the nails of both feet and hands, keep them clean. Not only do they look ugly if kept unclean, they are breeding ground for many infections. Also scrubbing the dead skin, whether of face, feet or body can save you from a lot of problems. These are vital for keeping yourselves healthy and fit.

We have already said that they should be washed whenever you wash hands, but trimming them is extremely important, unless you are a woman who likes to keep them long. Even she should trim them from time to time and maintain their shape. Keeping them short enough will prevent the microbes from making your nails their home and then travelling to your gastronomical organs. Your eyes, nose and other sense organs are at equal risk.

Remove makeup
This may not apply to men, but they too get affected if they have a woman in their lives who is fond of putting on makeup every day, but isn't equally fond of removing it at night before dozing off on the pillow. Not doing so can lead to acne breakouts besides making their skin suffer other aging signs. The acne bacteria can also get transferred to the bedsheet and pillows putting the men around at risk. Remove it. Allow your skin to breathe well will also help you look and feel better about yourselves.

Apart from the above, there are a few more hygienic pointers that must be kept in mind. Read on to know more...
Change your bedsheets every week, don't wait for it to look dirty to swap it with a new one. The same thing applies to pillowcases too. Your face will bear the brunt, if you keep using the same pillows. You can save your face from acne breakouts and the dread by changing the sheet often. Do not share your pillows with anyone if you are facing any such skin problem. The ones who suffer from chronic acnes should change their pillowcases every day.

A lot of people face this problem – sweaty palms. This sweat harbors bacteria and may get transferred to the person you shake your hand with. Wash them with cold water (with that I don't mean freezing water), before heading for any such personal encounter.
Do not share your clothes with anyone, especially the ones that are not washed after you wore them.

Don't skip these habits, if you are, then stop skipping this habit.

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Amanda Dawson is a health writer and fitness coach. Shes love promoting personal hygiene in
athletes, sports players and daily exercisers. Besides this, she contributes for various online health
publications that cover health guides, fitness, skincare and yoga.