Having found myself single or away from my sweetheart plenty of Valentine’s days gone by, I’ve tried a few things over the years to keep from being among the jaded every time I see a balloon or rose that doesn’t have my name on it (we’ve all been there!). If you’re looking for an alternative to the average V-day, here are a few of my favorites that actually work to make the day special.


Senior citizen homes, hospitals and shelters get plenty of volunteers during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays but tend to be overlooked on Valentine’s day. Contact some local places and ask if they need volunteers on this day. You could pass out sweet little cards, candies or something. If you find that it’s a long process getting screened to volunteer on your own, check to see if a Meetup group or church in your area has an outing planned to one these locations, then you can join them. One of the best volunteer experiences I’ve had by far was passing out carnations and teddy bears to hospital patients with a Rotary club. Doing something to brightens someone else’s day, even if you don’t know them, is incredibly thoughtful and much appreciated.

Have a floral or edible arrangement delivered to yourself

Even though you ordered it yourself there’s still something about having something you really want delivered right to your front door. If you think you’ll feel awkward ordering them for yourself with a representative on the phone (I’ve been through this…) place the order on line.

Schedule a massage, facial or body scrub at a spa

Spa setting, low lights, relaxing music, away from the world, foot rub, back rub, facial…pretty much anything they do in a spa is okay by me. No time or money for the spa? Do it yourself at home! All it takes to simulate the spa experience is a couple candles, a bathtub (sprinkle in a few rose petals if you want to get fancy), and 3 or 4 ingredients for a scrub that you can mix up right in your own kitchen. There are a ton of different scrubs you can make at home with yummy ingredients like granulated sugar, brown sugar, honey, olive oil, coconut oil, lemon juice, vanilla extract…. Check out some of the recipes here to find a one that suites your taste and available ingredients. My go-to is ½ a cup of granulated sugar ½ a cup of organic coconut oil, juice from ½ of a fresh squeezed lemon and a few drops of a grapefruit or citrus-blend essential oil. Mix them together and use the scrub in the bath or shower. You will feel INCREDIBLE after.

Buy sexy lingerie – just because

Knowing that you’re wearing it makes you walk with a little extra bounce in your step, a little more glide in your stride. You could be wearing sweats and t-shirt and feel like the sexiest woman in the world with a sexy set of bra and panties on underneath. You kind of feel like you have a secret that’s all yours.

Discover a new perfume or essential oil

Catching the scent of something pleasant (especially when you are wearing it) is a great way to uplift yourself. Personal preferences will vary widely, but sweet or citrus smells tend to work best for making yourself feel good. To take it step further, pick a scent you love, then pair it with a calming meditation exercise (essential oils are great for this). After a few times doing this, the scent itself will bring you to a happy, relaxed state, even when you don't have time to meditate.

Write a love letter to your bestie or family member
Take the day to tell someone close to you how much you appreciate them! If you’re artsy-craftsy make personalized card or thank you note to make it extra special.

Do you have any other ways to make the day special for yourself? Tell us!

*A version of this article has been published on The Huffington Post on 2/8/2017.

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Christina Michelle is an ICF and Awyken certified Life Coach, Author, Blogger and DBT Therapist. She currently resides between Long Beach, CA and her hometown of Juneau, Alaska coaching women in the areas of relationships, organization, personal development and career. Currently she is working on her CDC1 in Substance Abuse Counseling and authoring her 3rd book, Just Get Off the Plane.