When choosing a boiler, it’s a great idea to opt for a combi boiler. This offers hot water on demand without the need for storage to save a significant amount of space. Additionally, combi boilers are energy efficient to save on energy bills and preserve the environment. You only get hot water when required and the unit has no heat loss problem. Before having a combi boiler installed, here are some factors that might determine your budget.

Combi Boiler Installation Cost

Type of central heating system

Your current system has a significant impact on the cost of a new boiler. Replacing a standard feed and expanding plumbing and heating should be budgeted for. Additionally, there’s a cost to alter the system to have all the necessary pipes at the boiler position. These include a cold feed to provide the boiler with water and to the cold taps throughout the house. A gas feed is required to provide energy for heating the water. Return pipes and central heating flow are required to supply the radiators with hot water. Additionally, you need a hot water distribution pipe for distributing hot water to all taps in the property.

Property size

Do you have a large house with various bathrooms, kitchens, and showers? You need a boiler that offers hot water throughout your home. This will eliminate the chances of water schedule in your household, which isn’t the most practical solution. However, finding a boiler for a large home requires one with enough performance that usually comes at a big budget for the installation process. Fortunately, the initial cost of this boiler comes with invaluable benefits in the future. These include a regular supply of hot water without worry about energy bills.

Quality of the new boiler

The quality of a new unit determines the combi boiler installation cost/a>. Boilers from reputable brands usually come at a premium price but with significant long-term savings. Opting for the cheapest product on the market leads to low installation cost. However, this might not meet your expectations or might break down after a short while. A professional team of boiler technicians will guide you on the right unit that will give you good value for money. A quality unit will perform better, less likely to break down, and will stand the test of time.

Geographical location

The distance of your home from the installer’s office also determines your budget to install a combi boiler. You’re more likely to pay the installers more if they’re coming from a different town. This is because they have to include the transport cost to the total installation cost. Local technicians are obviously going to be cheaper since they don’t use much in fuel costs. In addition, local installers are likely to appear much earlier than those from another town.

Company speed of service

It’s important to hire a professional company to handle your combi boiler installation. The company will have service vans and experienced technicians to ensure a speedy response to customer calls. You’ll have peace of mind that a skilled boiler installer is coming to handle the process in the shortest time possible. A company with enough employees won’t have you wait for long to install your boiler. Cheaper installers usually take long to appear since their phones are always buzzing. Therefore, you’ll have to endure before the technician arrives. Unfortunately, this wait might not match the savings on the quote.

Length of warranty

Service warranties are essential when working with a service provider. The longer the warranty, the more peace of mind that the installers know what they’re doing. Additionally, the installer should guide you to select a unit from reputable brands. Luckily, these come with a good product guarantee. Professional installers will do the job confidently knowing that the boiler they’re working on won’t let you down. However, service warranties and products with longer guarantees cost a bit more. But, you’ll always have peace of mind for the duration of the warranty in case something goes wrong.


A boiler is a handy accessory to ensure a convenient atmosphere in your interior. However, it’s important to mind about the environment and energy consumption when selecting a boiler. Consider investing in a combi boiler that meets such criteria and will give you unlimited access to hot water throughout your home.

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