Are you interested in having longer eyelashes? Do you want to have a unique look, without having to resort to false eyelashes/extensions? If your answer to either one of these two questions is yes, you should definitely keep on reading this article. Keep on reading to discover six eyelash hacks, guaranteed to help you obtain the longest eyelashes you have ever had.

#1 Bend the brush of the mascara wand

Applying mascara can sometimes be a difficult thing to accomplish, especially when it comes to the tiny eyelashes that are located in the inner corner of the eye. In order to facilitate the maneuvering process, it is for the best to bend the brush of the mascara wand. It is recommended that you bend it, until it becomes perpendicular to the handle. In this way, it will be easier to control the brush, reaching the areas that would have been otherwise difficult to cover. As the application process is easier, you will be able to apply multiple coats, enjoying the final result.

#2 Apply mascara on both sides of the eyelashes

Fair-skinned women have eyelashes and eyebrows that are light colored. While the application of mascara can make them more visible, sometimes it is not enough. So, if you have thin or light-colored eyelashes, you can try out the application of mascara on both sides of the eyelashes. This will ensure full coverage for the eyelashes, making them appear to be thicker and longer at the same time.

#3 Baby powder between mascara coats

If you want for your eyelashes to appear to be longer, it is recommended that you apply baby powder to them. This application is indicated to be made between the first and second mascara coat, acting as an eyelash enhancer and guaranteeing a plumping effect. You can also consider applying translucent powder for the same reasons. No matter which type of powder you decide to apply, keep in mind that it will help the mascara stick better to the eyelashes. In this way, you will add both length and volume to your eyelashes. Does that sound great or what?

#4 Color Mix

If you have studied your eyelashes from a close distance, you have probably noticed that their color varies from root to tip. It is more of a gradient, going from dark to light. In the situation that you want to make your eyelashes appear longer, applying one single layer of black mascara all the way might not do the trick. Instead, it might be a good to mix two mascara colors, applying them in a different layer. Start by applying a coat of black mascara at the base of the eyelashes. For this application, you should choose a narrow brush, applying the mascara as close to the eyelash line as it is possible. Then, apply a new coat of brown mascara, going as far as the tips of the eyelashes. This will guarantee a gradient-like effect, amplifying your eyelashes.

#5 Watch out for the application angle

The wand of the mascara can be used for applications at different angles. In the situation that you are interested in making longer and thicker eyelashes, you should consider the application at a horizontal angle. On the other hand, if you are more interested in adding length to your eyelashes, you should consider applying the mascara at a vertical angle. If you are not convinced that the angle of application makes a difference, give it a try and soon you will be convinced of this fact.

#6 Wiggling as part of the application process

Many women apply mascara in a simple upside-down motion. Unfortunately, this often leads to the clumping of the mascara on the eyelashes, which can be quite unaesthetic. To avoid such problems and add length to your eyelashes, you should also apply the mascara in a zig-zag motion. You should consider wiggling as part of the application process, as this can really make a difference. The wiggling should start when the brush is at the base of the eyelashes, going as far as the tips. There is an added bonus to consider when using this method of application, meaning the mascara will give the illusion of a faux eyeliner.

These are the six eyelash hacks you consider to add both length and volume to your eyelashes. As you have already seen, each and every hack is simple to try out, so you have to give all of them a try. It is guaranteed that you will not be the only one noticing the difference. In fact, everyone will probably ask you about your secrets. You might even find yourself being asked whether you are wearing false eyelashes or not. So, enjoy these hacks and your new eyelash appearance!


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