Shopping for engagement rings is a hugely daunting job. It is the primary decision that you should make because it will decide the kind of diamond you have to buy. As there is a huge variety of different styles of rings, it can become an overwhelming task. For some, it may be an easy decision because they may have a design in their minds but for others, selecting a diamond ring along with a proper design and stone can be a challenging job.

Some of the trendy engagement rings styles are discussed below as follows:

  • Solitaire Diamond Ring

Solitaire has taken its name from the French word "alone". This ring has a single diamond and it is a popular engagement ring style. It boasts of elegance and simplicity. The stone is set high that allows maximum light exposure thus, improving its brilliance. It prefers a woman who likes the classic style.

Solitaire rings are about the rock and so you should invest in a quality gemstone. See the prongs- how a stone is held, whether it is three or four or six-prong. This is a distinguishing feature that helps you choose a solitaire.

  • Cushion Cut Diamond Rings

Cushion cut diamond rings are available in shapes from rectangular to square and they are a popular choice for many for over a century. The larger facets and rounded corners highlight the clarity and enhance brilliance.

The cushion-cut rings have one stone at their center and they are surrounded by small diamonds. The diamond stones enrich the look. The center diamond looks big because of the cushion cut design. As the small diamonds sparkle, the center diamond appears brighter. If you want an extra glow, you can choose this diamond ring.

  • Teardrop Diamond Ring

These rings are simple yet elegant. The tip of the stone must point towards the finger of the wearer so that the ring appears slimmer and longer. The band has small diamonds. It is designed uniquely and it is a precious gift for your partner. The cuts on the stone make its appearance graceful and feminine.

  • Sapphire Engagement Rings

You can find engagement rings for girls that have dazzling sapphires in various colors from light pink to deep blue. Sapphires are a vibrant and distinctive choice and they are valued for their durability and vivid color for centuries.

This colored gemstone shows your loyalty and wisdom. It has many facets and it glows from all sides. The small colorless diamonds surrounding the center stone provide a sparkling effect. You can choose your favorite color or color related to your birth but these rings continue to be a special forever.

  • Contemporary Rings

If your loved one appreciates a fashion-forward and a modern style, then you can choose these rings. If she does not prefer the center diamond, you can opt for a wide band that has beautiful detailing. You can choose a rose-cut ring or a ring having a cluster of diamonds rather than one center stone. This ring stands out. This ring will remind her that she is unique. If she loves jewelry, then she will love this modern piece of jewelry. The good thing is you can customize this ring in gold color.

  • Princess Cut Diamond Rings

These rings are square in shape and very popular. Princess cut rings are timeless choices of people. The small diamonds are beautifully affixed on the ring band. The yellow gold touch together with the diamonds adds beauty and shows an additional sheen.

While selecting the engagement ring style, you can consider several designs but select only those design elements that suit your partner's personality and style.

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