Are you implementing the following "6 Essential Online Resources on Your Blog?" It is imperative that you do as soon as possible to expand and succeed in your business network:

1. E-Mail newsletter
- Every website/bog should have an email newsletter. Email newsletters will allow you to keep clients up-to-date and post relevant articles on topics that appeal to their needs or interests. It is best to start early when creating your website/blog with an email newsletter to achieve the most success.

2. Virtual connections
- Use social networking sites to make virtual connections with individuals who you feel could help one another. Pay it forward and share valuable information that others provide with your own blog visitors/readers. Knowledge is power!

3. BlogTalkRadio
- Blog Talk Radio is the worlds largest social radio network. You can create your own FREE radio show with no equipment other than an Internet connection and a phone. Listeners can call in to ask you questions and then can subscribe via RSS or download the shows as podcasts. This social networking form allows you to keep track of listeners for potential exposure and sales.

4. Podcasting
- Another great networking tool that allows you to record an audio series, coupled with a short e-mail text which you can send to those who sign up for your mailing list. It is a great way to embed marketing messages about products or services.

5. YouTube
- Allows you to create short videos of informative tips to use as marketing vehicles or to send product and service information to a potential client. You can create as many short videos as you choose to post on your blog and/or website.

6. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
- Connect with new people on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Another way to pay it forward by Introducing people who can help each other out in the same way by paying attention to needs and signals from those in your network. Twitter, a microblogging tool that combines social networking with text messaging will help inform clients about your newest projects by staying in touch regularly. You may also want to answer questions on these sites to help boost yourself as the expert in your field.

There you have it! I hope the above "6 Essential Online Resources To Implement on Your Blog" will help you move forward successfully with your online business.

Best of luck in your business endeavors!

Author's Bio: 

Sonia Colon is writer/publisher of My Fashion E-Mall Blog & The Biz Buzz of a Latina Mom Blog. For additional powerful business articles and Internet marketing tips for maintaining a lucrative business visit her sites today!