Since centuries scents have had an immense influence on human instincts. It’s strange how a simple aroma can trigger memories of a certain moment, or an individual. That’s the power of aroma and so is the strength of aromatherapy. Invoking emotions among individuals scents can do magic to human senses. 

More about scents 

Did you know that the olfactory nerves are responsible in triggering a sense of smell? As the scent enters our nose it is taken to a section of our brain. The olfactory nerve then rapidly sends out signals which when received trigger different types of emotions. Our sense of smell can exercise control over how other organs response to a scent. Our nervous system immediately responds to such smell and thus sends out signals to other parts of the body triggering emotions and various moods. 

Similarly essential oils like those extracted from lavenders and various wild flowers can bring upon a bio-chemical response which can significantly reduce anxiety and stress

Coming to aromatherapy, it is an alternative medical practice for healing. It is practiced to enforce the healing effects of aroma which can help our mind and body to sync well. For aromatherapy to work effectively only a few drops are good enough. In most cases an Aromatic Oil Massage in Perth will entail diffusion of diluted essential oils into the air. Also, in other cases, a little amount of the fragrant oil is rubbed into various acupuncture points of our body. 

The 6 essential oils which promote good mind and body include: 

Lavender: One among the many invigorating oils available to mankind, lavender oil is known to have great relaxing effects. It calms down the blood pressure level, brings down the skin temperature and relaxes the brain waves; thus triggering a soothing feeling. Aromatherapy may mostly demand the use of lavender oil in cases where women complain about postpartum depression. It stimulates the brain’s pathways and brings upon an emotional response, 

Lemon: Yet another effective means to drive stress, lemon extracts generate a scent which instantly brings down on stress and thereby lowers the heart rate. Yuzu as it is referred to in Japanese is used in hot baths. Diffusion of the citrus extract can help calm the mind. 

Bergamot: It is considered a hybrid citrus fruit which is again known to have great impact on human emotions. It has been in use in Italian folk medicine. The essential oil derived from the fruit is known to have anti-bacterial results. The fruit extracts is further known to lower chronic pain, stress and blood pressure. 

Ylang Ylang: The sweet aroma revealed by the extracts of the flower found in South-east Asia is known to relax human mind and has the potential to drive down blood pressure level. 

Clary Sage: The oil extracts of the herb is used to treat pain in dental procedures. Also, the herbal extract is known to have great anti-depressant effects. 

Jasmine: This flower has been known from ancient times to have a relaxing impact on human mind and body. Its sweet fragrance can be extremely calming. Jasmine is scientifically proven to have the most desirable effects on humans. An Aromatherapy Massage in Perth will entail the use of this natural extract. 

There are several other types of natural oil extracts derived from other sources. These too are known for their therapeutic impacts. 

Author's Bio: 

The author who owns an Aromatherapy Massage parlour in Perth wants to educate people on the stress relieving impacts of herbal extracts.