Ask any homeowner, and they will all agree to the fact that pests are definitely one of the biggest nuisances that they have to face on a daily basis. But considering the fact that they are extremely difficult to track in the first place, eradicating them completely from your house is a tricky affair. Not everyone can afford a professional pest control in Strathfield; some have to resort to DIY measures.

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To effectively eradicate pests from your house, make sure to follow these instructions:-

Keep racoons out: There’s hardly anything that racoons won’t eat, and they are always on the lookout for a good nesting place. To them, our houses with all the gaps and holes along with garbage cans are incredibly appealing. Sure, in the short-term, chemical repellents might be effective, but the racoons will eventually be capable of ignoring them. The best way to prevent these pests is by making your house or garden inaccessible to them.

• If you have over hanging tree branches or bushes, cut them so racoons can’t get to the roof.
• Repair your damaged chimney caps or add new ones because they often serve to be a great den for pregnant racoons. Use a securely nailed mesh hardware cloth to block all entry points and crawl spaces.
• Racoons usually feed on pet food, garbage, vegetables and fruits which is why you should make trash cans inaccessible.

Mousetrap technique: When correctly placed, snap-type mousetraps can be an extremely effective way to get rid of mice in your house. Sure, they might seem cruel but when you compare it with the slow death of a glue trap, they are a far more humane way to exterminate mice. Many people make the mistake of placing these traps poorly or using too few of them. Since mice have poor vision, they tend to feel their way along the walls which is why you should also place the traps along the walls.

Plug gaps with mesh: Use a screwdriver to stuff the gaps with a good amount of copper mesh. Make sure to leave half an inch of space for using expanding foam sealant to seal the holes.

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Protect wood from moisture: It’s important for small pests and insects to draw life-sustaining moisture from their surroundings. Precisely for this reason, they not only avoid dry places but gets attracted to moist ones. Make sure that the soil around your house, the foundation is dry so that it’ll be less attractive to pests.

Store pet food: Make sure to store your pet food in lidded metal trashcans to prevent mice from climbing the vertical sides of the can. Alternately, you can also use plastic containers.

Eliminate cockroaches: It sure can be tempting to tuck paper bags under the kitchen sink, but it will only create a cockroach condo. If you have cockroaches in your house, it’s best to go for professional German cockroach extermination in Sydney. Obviously, you can opt for high-quality bait products, but not only are they expensive, but they are only effective if you apply them correctly.

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