Divorce is probably one of the hardest and most difficult situations anyone has to go through. While it would be somewhat unfair to say that women get the upper hand in terms of surviving divorce because of the numerous resources and documented pieces of advice that they are able to utilize, this fact is undeniably true.

Men After Divorce on the other hand tend to end up either sucking in the whole thing or following whatever limited advice they can find or get. But regardless of how strong you may lead yourself to think you might be, the fact that divorce and its effects on men can both be devastating and traumatizing is undeniable either. This article will cover the negative effects of divorce in a man’s life and mental health based on a lot of anecdotal evidence.


When a man loses his wife and his family, everything starts to go down the drain. Without help full blown depression can follow. Suddenly they feel they are in a pit that they cannot get out of. They start losing their grip on reality, losing interest and motivation, affecting every facet of their life leading to self-destruction.


Regardless of your disposition, divorce can totally change you. The anger that you feel towards those who’ve caused you pain and towards yourself can manifest in ways that even you would be surprised.

Loss of Self Esteem

When the women who promised to be there through thick and thin says she no longer wants to do anything with you, pride will be the first one to take a nosedive. Self esteem follows as you feel the whole foundation of your being shatter.

Loss of Status

Society judges a man by what he has, not by what he is. Divorce can bring all of the things you’ve worked so hard to achieve come crashing down. What will all those around you think when you’ve just lost your family? Will they treat you differently now? Will their self respect towards you be affected? Questions such as these will affect you and your status in many ways.

Alcohol and Drugs

To numb the pain and in order to get some form of relief from all the pain that one feels, one may turn to alcohol and even illegal substances. The problem is, the more one depends on these temporary relievers the more they start to drift away from the real solution.

Difficulty Trusting Women

The most damaging effect of divorce on men by far is the difficulty in trusting women or other people for that matter. While they may indeed recover from all the other effects mentioned above, they may also harden themselves to protect from further pain. This prevents them from ever developing new or lasting relationships that they need in order to make them whole again.

Divorce and its effects on men is one of the most difficult and painful situations that one will be faced with, but it is not impossible to overcome. As long as you are willing to take steps in order to make things better they eventually will, and while the pain and suffering that you might be feeling now is unbearable, in time they will pass as well.

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