Kittens dominate the internet. These furry companions are extremely cute and capable of melting even the coldest hearts - even though some insist on calling them "evil creatures."

Among so many available breeds (including those without pedigree), one of the most popular is still Persian. With long hair and a flat face, the Persians are the favorites of many people, let's get to know some curiosities about them:

1) Unknown origin

Like most cat breeds, the origin of the Persians is relatively unknown. The most accepted version is that an Italian named Pietro Della Valle would have visited Persia, present-day Iran, in 1620, and taken four pairs of a curious type of furry cat that he found there.

The guy would have been responsible for spreading the cuties throughout Western Europe - although many people argue that it is possible that other travelers have carried domestic animals to other corners of the world, including the Old Continent.

2) Popular long before the internet

If you think that fascination with cats is only a recent thing, because of social networks, you are very wrong. In 1871, an exhibition at the Crystal Palace in London attracted more than 20,000 people curious about the exotic breeds of kittens. Of course, the Persians were the main attraction - so much so that it was one of them that won the fair's main prize, which lasted only one day.

3) It is one of the most loved in the USA

A 2014 survey showed that, among the breed cats, the Persians are in second place in North Americans' preference. They were introduced to the country in 1895, ten years before the Cat Fanciers' Association founding, which takes care of the pedigrees of the pussies there. Of course, the Persians were among the first to earn a "purebred" certificate. The fame even increased with the affection of famous personalities, like Marilyn Monroe, who were passionate about the race.

4) They are more independent than the rest

Many people think that any cat is independent by nature, which is not so different from reality. Despite that, any pet needs attention and affection - and this is no different with Persians. However, the breed is also known to be one of the least in need of attention, that is, it is ideal for busy families or for those who spend a lot of time away from home.

5) Variety of colors and sizes

If they made a book about the colors that this breed can take on, it would be called "50 Shades of Persians". And this is not an exaggeration: there are more than fifty variations. The most popular are white and gray, but they can still be golden, orange, mottled, striped, etc. They can also come in many sizes, including tiny teacup Persian cats and cute Himalayan Persian cats.

6) Short muzzle

In addition to the stunning coat, the main characteristic of the Persians is their short snout. However, what many people do not know is that their face was not always like this. In the 1950s, a genetic anomaly caused several kittens to be born with a flatter face than before.

But what could be a problem has become a gold mine for creators. They thought it was aesthetically beautiful, and in the following years, they dedicated themselves to maintaining this characteristic through selective breeding. However, this causes breathing problems and makes it difficult for the pets to feed.

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